My first experience at a nude beach

I’m a single man, early 40’s. I’ve been single for three years. In those three years, I haven’t had sex, or even anything remotely close.
I have been so horny this last year. Masturbating doesn’t cut it anymore. I was beginning to want more, and experience things I only wonder about.
So, last summer, out of complete curiosity, I decided to go to a nude beach. There happens to be one about an hours drive from my home.
As soon as I hit the beach, I found a place to lay my towel and bag, and stripped down. This was at about 11:00 am.
I just lounged around for a while. It was nice. It was very freeing and new. Then I decided to go for a walk, all along the beach. And of course, I was completely naked the whole time.
After my walk, I was back in my towel.
I was planted sort of at the beginning of the nude beach area. So, any newcomers to the beach, had to walk past me to find a spot.
About mid afternoon, these two men and a women walked by, bags on shoulders and clothes still on. The woman, was gorgeous. I couldn’t believe my eyes.
She looked about mid 30’s, brunette, and very voluptuous. She had DD’s for sure, but what really made me weak, was her ass. She had a big round ass. It was awesome. It had just a slight jiggle as she pranced through the sand. Just a big, round, smooth, beautiful ass.
I had to go for a walk. I had to see her naked.
I packed up my towel and bag, and moved further down the beach, closer to her and the two guys.
And there she was. Naked as she could get. Playing frisbee with the two guys. I was in disbelief at what I was seeing. I felt like I was being teased.
Then I noticed her looking at me a lot. Not because she was attracted to me, but because I was looking at her so much. She didn’t seem to mind. She even gave me the odd smile when she had to come toward me to grab her frisbee.
When I really got the feeling she was teasing me, I couldn’t help it. I grabbed my dick. I kept looking around to make sure nobody was looking. There were much fewer people around at this time. About 5:00pm.
I wasn’t really masturbating, just sort of holding my dick to get it hard. I wanted her to see it. And I don’t have a big dick. I’m below average. I just wanted her to see what she was doing to me.
Then she eventually stopped playing frisbee. I then stopped touching myself. I was so horny for her. I could feel my semi hard dick, filling up with cum, very slowly.
I looked over at her again. This time, all three of them were looking at me. I think she was telling them I was looking at her and touching myself. I really got that feeling that whatever they were talking about, it was about me. I mean they were looking right at me.
This wa stunning me on. My semi hard dick was really starting to fill up. I wasn’t even hard.
I looked over at her one more time, and she was laughing. She noticed me again and immediately turned around and was was looking at her ass. Right then, that feeling shot through my body. I was just sitting with my hands to my side in the sand and a long, steady, stream of cum oozed out of my semi hard dick. As soon as that first long ooze of cum came out, I was harder, and my dick started twitching. Ever time I twitched, a cumshot would shoot out, all over my legs, my stomach, the towel.
I couldn’t believe I just had my first hands free orgasm, at my first visit to a nude beach.
They saw me cum for sure. They were all laughing. She had her hand over her mouth while she was laughing like “oh my god!”
It was amazing. I left after that happened.
And I’ll definitely be returning.


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  • My bestfriend and I were in 8th grade when we went to a nearby quarry that was gay. We'd been curious and had been experimenting with a few older boys one of which invited us to this secret swimming hole. I was too shy to take my underpants off and was constantly getting hit on by the young guys who were 18 and older. I finally snuck into the woods with a really cute 19 year old who was all about me and safe sex. I made him leave the woods first so nobody's gonna no what we were doing. I hastily pulled up my underpants and walked back to the small sandy swim area and had no idea that my tighty-whities were inside out and the cum dripping condom hanging loose from the waistband bounced off my fresh fucked boypanties.

  • Recently got a FB message: Happy holidays, thinking of you. Thanks for the memory. Jane
    1969 10 of us kids packed in a beach house rental for the summer. Jane was a cute big girl who had a crush on me. I was always nice to her. I had a FWB thing with 2 other girls nearby. On Jane birthday I asked what I could get her. "you can says no, I get that. Sex on the beach would would replace Easy Bake Oven as best BD present ever."

  • Wife (Sue) and I get a beach front rental every Sept. On nice days they're will be 5 people every .5 mile, no kids. Sue goes topless. 5 years ago Beach Patrol came by in a Jeep and caught her, she was snoozing. "I'm so bused" she told him. The cop told her this time of the year she can go topless, if someone complains we'll just ask you to cover. She doesn't even bring a top now.
    At night we leave the house naked and fuck on the beach. Feels like fucking the first time, every time.

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  • You are full of shit. Nudist people have strict attitudes and rules. If they saw you doing that they would beat the shit out of you. Because the beach can be shut down and since most people would want that. They would send a clear message to you about doing that.

  • You'll definitely get kicked off the beach if you keep that up.

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