Sex With Old Beach Slut

I never expected to get my rocks off by an old ex swinger slut. I went to the beach for the weekend looking for some good time there. There was plenty of hot babes on the beach. The beach was crowded I finally found an open space. Near me sunbathing was this mature older grey haired woman. She was sort of big and thick and the swimwear she had on enhanced her thick big breasted body with her thick thighs. She smiled at me. After being there for a while we started to converse. She began to feel her breasts and asked me to stand up for her. She seemed to be checking my body out. She told me she was here to get a good time. "Me too!" I said to her. "Does my body stand out for you?" she said as she rubbed lotion on her legs. "I'm 69 and have been swinging for many years until I hit this golden age." "Wow!" I said. Then she invited me to her hotel room for some hanky-panky.
I came down here to get some fun and she offered. She grabbed my hand and placed it on her butt as we walked off the beach. We got to her room where she exposed those big wide breasts and started kissing and feeling me. She placed my hands on her tits and said, "Feel them! Still sort of firm!" They sure was for an old mature lady. My boner was pocking out from my trunk and she saw it. "Very nice! It's been a while since I experienced an endowment like that, especially a young guy like you!" she said as she shook her boobs over it. "Shake that cock for me, babe!" I started shaking it and slapping it across the side of her face. "Yes, Yes. pretend your pleasing your grandmother! Whip me with that cock! Whip my whole body baby!"
She got on the bed spread open her legs a bit and said, "Slap grandma's naughty pussy and say I'm your slut and you want to fuck me in the ass. I never have done anal but found out how good it was. We took a shower together and soaped up each other's privates. "You're the grandson I wished you really was. We could have a lot fun together!" she said as we towel each other off.
I spent the whole weekend at the beach unloading my rocks in and on her. So far she's been the best cock sucker that I experienced.

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  • A good situation with mutual consent and kindness. I'd gladly have an experience such as that!

  • I met this 64 yo woman with ample boobs and broad ass cheeks on holiday. We had couple of drinks and she took me to her room. We had shower together, she admired my young body and the hard-on. We dried off ourselves and moved to her bed naked. We both were horny, as expected, and kissed, hugged a lot - I even sucked her tits biting the nips lightly. She was ecstatic - laid on her back with widespread thick thighs. OMG, the pussy seemed too large, I sat between her thighs and separated the lips exposing glistening slit showing off engorged clit. I started to rub my knob of my cock along her wet slit ending with the clit every time. She reached orgasms in no time. Soon she drew me closer and I shoved my throbbing cock in one go - the rest was total bliss! The best thick lipped pussy I ever came across!!

  • Did you fuck her in the ass

  • My ex/FWB, split because of jobs 2,000 miles apart, told me she scored a 22 year old lifeguard at 47. She even has a topless selfie with him. The old slut shows it off. It shouldn't piss me off, but it does a little. She's married but still hooks up with me when we're in the same area. "if i wouldn't fuck you'd have no sex life." Wrong! I'm a safe guy to be her side fuck. She'd have more if she found safe guys. What if you husband finds the selfie? So what.

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Just another sick fuck trying for incest replies.

  • Her saying she was my grandmother would make me instantly lose my hard on.

  • And run out the door.

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