Going to try gay sex

My wife has lost all interest in sex, unfortunately i havent and i wont cheat with another woman so i have decided to have sex with men. i am straight, never had sex with a man and while i have had fantasies, i have never acted upon them but i am so horny and masturbation is not enough. i want to feel anouther body pressed against me, holding me, loving me. i love my wife but these urges fill me. maybe im just rationalizing but i figure that if i fool around with other women that really is cheating because i have a wife but with a man, its just a guy thing and if i play the bottom it kind of makes it alright. its like im getting that physical contact i need but its also the instrument of giving me the punishment i deserve for getting it. anyways, just bought a burner phone and 180 minutes and going to install grindr and hook up with the first guy that contacts me and i am going to let him do everything to me and let him make me his little bitch because i deserve it.


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  • If you succeed in having sex with a man, it won't be the only time. I assure you. Nothing is better than having your dick sucked by another man. I don't even miss the fact that my wife refuses to give head

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now: https://ujeb.se/gprHh

  • Where u located at

  • You are still cheating moron. It sex is more important than your wife then divorce her.

  • He can still honestly state he has never been with another woman. Better than hoping for a wet dream.

  • Oh yeh thats much better. When the friends and family are around she can say, I caught him cheating with another guy.

  • You are not alone. I am a gay male, and the majority of my partners are straight, sexually frustrated married men who just need a release, but do love their wives.

  • I use to turn to guys and get sucked and one day I asked my girlfriend if she would have sex with me and my friend and I got to suck him with her her and we both loved it and we would fuck a few of my friends often and I would lick her clean after they would fuck and he would cum in and on her I would take her to parks and let hot guys walk up behind and fuck her and fill her up with cum and I would lick her clean then one day we were with a friend and she said suck his cock and swallow his load so I did,I have to say I love cum now, when I had a friend over and was horny I would have her go to the bedroom and strip and come back out and sit on his lap and I would start eating her pussy on his lap until he gets hard and she would pull his cock out and sit on it while I was licking her and I would lick him and her until he would cum in and on her and I would lick her clean,it was always so hot,I now suck and swallow as often as I can and love it,sex between people female or male is great if everyone is willing if you make them cum or you cum it only means you both enjoyed it I love pussy but now I can say I really like cock to, and watching my girlfriend fuck another guy is better than watching porn it's live,one time I had three friends over and watched her fuck and suck all of them and it was so hot I jacked off watching

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