Stole panties from my sister in law

My sister in law in 38years old and is so fucking hot, and her hot little body drives me crazy. She gave my wife a key to her house so that when she goes out of town my wife can check on her place and feed her fish. Last week i had a day off work and was horny as fuck and i remembered the key to her house was hanging on a hook in one of our kitchen cabinets . I took the key and went to her house and let myself in and headed to her bedroom and looked in her panty drawer and found a huge assortment of sexy thongs, bikini panties, pantyhose and thigh high stockings. Then i looked in the night stand and found a bunch of sex toys what really caught my attention was a few anal toys.2 small glass butt plugs, and anal beads. I have never used one before and i was so horny i undressed and grabbed a few thongs and layed in her bed and stuffed the crotch of a black thong in my mouth and stroked off with a blue thong. i swear thought my cock was going to explode. i took the small butt plug and lathered it with some hand lotion that was on the night stand and slipped it in my ass. i just pushed it in real fast and it hurt like a bitch at first but the pain turned to pleasure once it hit my prostate. i started to stroke like a fucking animal and i edged a few times and when i finally came the jizz must have shot at least a foot in the air. i caught most of it with her panties and a few streams shot on her bed. i mopped up most of it with the thong and stuck t back in the drawer. Next time i will do this once she is back home and i can hopefully get a pair that she has recently worn. yeah im a pervert but it was such a good way to blow a nut

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  • I was married for 6 years when i got her pregant .and we wanted another child but my wife coundnt get pregant again.her older sister was hot as hell and she was married. So one night she said her sister would carry are chijd and ask me i would have sex daily with her till she got pregant .i said yes than she told me to go easy on her because her husbands cock was small and mine was almost 10 inchs .are 1st her barely could handle it all and yes its was so tight and i knew she was going to love it .for 3 months we fucked every day i pounded her insanely hard and always shot my cum as deep as i could .she never got pregant .we quit .

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Hey Ass sniffer is this your post. You never told us which pair of panties you got. The ones right off her or the ones that where stuck in her fat ass for a month?
    inquiring minds want to know!

  • You are a stupid perverted thief thats it.

  • I prefer that to a judgemental bitch.

  • Good when all you crappy stuff is stolen. Then we will see who is the judgmental ass hole then.

  • Can't you tell the difference between a house fire and just one match?

  • If my gitch is stolen I will just buy a sexier pair. I have Insurance.

  • All you own is a pair of panties? Well that explains a lot.

  • All this guy took was a pair of panties, it's not like he stole her TV.

  • Stealing is still stealing.

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