Jacking off while driving

I like to jack off while driving, and have cum this way a fair amount during solo road trips and long commutes. Not a daily or even weekly thing, but surely 50 or 100 times over the years. In traffic during daylight I stay in the slow lane, but I don't really worry about concealment other than that. The last time was just last night, coming (cumming!) home after delivering food to a friend in the next town.

It helps to plan ahead and wear fairly loose trousers and boxers instead of tight pants or briefs. Cleanup after cumming involves licking the cum off my hand, and is easier now that I am older and don't make very big loads.

I have also been sucked off while driving on two occasions, once by my first wife and later by a girlfriend. Also worn butt plugs all day long on solo cross country trips a few times.

Please comment it you also jack off while driving. Would also like to hear about masturbation and other types of sex by passengers in moving vehicles.

Or maybe piss drinking straight from the faucet when someone really needs to go and it's a long way to the next rest stop?

To paraphrase Einstein, it may be that anyone who can jack off while driving isn't paying enough attention to his cock. But I still enjoy getting off this way!


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  • I drive a truck and I drive with no pants just a oiled up coc and perv on all the lady driver’s

  • I used to jerk off while driving during my 30's had a few truckers stay besides me until I came. Got very excited being watched by a stranger. I usually came within 3 or 4 minutes

  • A cop caught me doing that once, I zipped up and we went back to the squad car. Well he said there would be no ticket, but I had to blow him right then and there. He unzipped and let loose his monster cock, I leaned over and gobbled it up. He was a bit older but a handsome man, married and in good shape. I worked it and could taste his pre-cum. He grunted then cummed and I swallowed every drop and kept it in my mouth till it went soft.

  • That story is older then you are. Just as fake too.

  • Nice , big cock and no ticket ,

  • My best friend and I do it together at night on the way home from work. Sometimes he jerks me too. He said he not gay, but he leans over and swallows my cum every night. His mouth feels so much better than my wife's mouth.

  • At 16 I asked my friend (he was 19) if I could try blowing him. I'm very feminine and look like a girl. I never suck cock before. He let me I swallowed. He said I was his girlfriend after that. But 13 years later he's married, but every morning he stops by and I suck him off. At night after work he fucks my ass. I have long hair and dress up for him panties and bra, mini skirts and make up. After sex he spoons with me and says how much he loves me. Before he leaves we usually kiss for a 30 minutes with it ending up me on my knees naked and blowing him again.

    When he goes I usually lay on the floor crying. I'm in love with him. Why does he still fuck his wife? He said I'm 1,000 % better than her and her mouth and pussy can never feel as good as mine mouth and ass. I cum from getting anal. He calls me his wife now.

    He has never touched my cock. Maybe if I
    get tits he will stay with me.

  • Like driving at night with my pants off and rubbing my cock.
    It's liberating.
    Normally on my way home on a nice night, I take a back road and push them down past my knees and play a little.
    Usually don't finish.
    But have stopped in secluded areas and stood leaning back against my car and let one go.

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now: https://ujeb.se/gprHh

  • I hope I never ride in your car.

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