At 57 my first guy sex

Well id had offers from guys as a kid but was straight forever..Then I started looking at Craigs list back when they had guysex adds. I came cross an add by a pilot who was into tantric sex.. Anal sex. we chatted and we met when he came to town.. On the evening we met i called to announce my arrival from a gas station..I was crazy horny and excited and nervous.. Returning to my car I tripped fell and cut the hell out of my knee and ripped my pants.. A great opening..So we met.. the guy was a great lover oiled me down ,messaged my body and ended at my ass..ill leave the rest to your imagination..I will say that I came by 3 times in a row, a spasm of some kind, with no erection.. surprise!
I could hardly walk out of the guys motel room. I never forgot it..

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  • Dude im 35 and i sucked a couple cocks when i was a teenager rite after that my cock grew to the size today 9.6 inchs. i been wanting to try getting fucked im my ass hell i cant even find a guy that would suck him off

  • True have a virgin asshole that needs fucking no takers yet

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Yes, prostate stimulation results in an orgasm, no erection required. Pure pleasure.

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