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I have a desire to suck cock. I’m a mostly straight, married guy. White. 28 with a lot to lose so this has to be discreet. Anyone in central Louisiana want a blowjob? Please be white. I’ve done it a couple times and want to find a regular buddy.

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  • I'm a married man also with plenty to lose and I suck dick all the time. Nothing against my wife but I just love to suck dick and obviously she doesn't have one.

  • So tell her and see what she say's about it. Maybe she is ok with it. But don't go behind her back.

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • If you have a lot to lose, Then why risk it! Just for some sexual gratification you may not like at all. Plus think what you could bring home to the wife. You all never think about the wife all you care is about yourself's.

  • It's just a blowjob. What the Hell will he bring home to the wife? Cum breath?

  • Covid-19, Herpes, gonorrhea and hepatitis! How about that for a start. Never mind getting caught.

  • Party pooper, get out of here

  • What the truth hurts? I don't care what you fools want to do! Just don't harm people doing it. The wife should know first so she can make her own choice.

  • I have sucked over 200 cocks, mainly married guys, and never caught a thing. If the wife sucked dick they wouldn't be coming to me anyway.

  • Bull shit! What you got a little black book? That don't matter STI and STD's are still around and it is not fair to the wife. If guys want to see you for blow jobs then divorce the wife and get a new life. If she went out cheating all them married ass holes would be pissed off.
    And you are known as a home wrecker. You dumb ass's don't care who life you wreck.
    So you are a sissy are you on the PREP for risky sex?

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