Landlady becomes a slut.....

I realize that some this all sounds like a good story but that it can't possibly be true, but I assure you, it is true..I have watched my wife go from someone who enjoyed her sexuality and acting out her fantasies to becoming a all pretty much started as a game she played teasing her office or at restaurants....she loved the attention and it made for great sex....and it still does......but there are more people around that are now familiar with her appetite for sex and her growing reputation as a slut.....

Sometime after the incident with the Coke driver at the store and him collecting on her debt to repay him the favor for giving her the great orgasm in the soft drink aisle she was doing her usual Friday teasing routine when the store assistant manager approached her in the store and began to ask her about possibly renting a unit ...the Asst Manager Kathy said to my wife, Sarah,, lets come into my office so can write some of this down....they went into her office in the back and sat down ....Kathy then said to Sarah, I have something I want you to look at,....she pointed to the monitor and there with her back facing the camera between the pallets of coke cases was Sarah.....with her skirt up around her waist being pleasured by the truck driver on his knees in front of her................ Sarah said nothing as she stared at the images on the screen in front of her.....

This is how the events of the day were told to me, and I have no reason to doubt that it is a true recollection...when Sarah, my wife was shown what was on the screen she was at first hesitant to speak but then she asked Kathy why are you showing me this? She told me that Kathy who is probably 20 years younger smiled and looked at her and asked " did you enjoy yourself "?
Sarah told her " you have watched it enough, what do you think?" ......By that time my wife told me she wanted this over with and she started to leave....this was when the store Mgr came in ....looked at the 2 of them and asked " So, where are we with this Ladies? " Kathy told him that my wife was just leaving...that's when John the mgr said we are not forcing her to stay...but explain to this LADY, she has not seen or heard the end of this...she needs to learn some humility...but it is her choice....we need consent .............that is when Sarah told me she looked at them and asked what do you want from me? She told me they both looked at the video and pointed ar the image on the screen......
According to Sarah, she knew what her options were...give in to them or pay the price with the video on the internet,,, when ? she asked them....right now they told her....after's Friday and you are dressed for it..John told Kathy to lock the door...

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  • My office overlooks 10 cubicles below me. I have window with blinds usually closed. Had a big project going so I went in Xmas eve. Trish is a total babe and has one of cubicles. I often take a brake and and feast my eyes on her, lifting the slat. I have a birds eye view. I'm the only one in working on my presentation. I hear some giggling below me. There a bar across the street and apparently Trish and her BF were doing some celebrating. They're now making out in her cube. Her top comes off and BF is all over her big tits that remarkably point up. I know for sure they are real. Soon after she's on her knees giving him a blowjob. The guy is big and I'm impress how much she gets in and out of her mouth. I never let on that I watched. But 2 weeks later I ask her out. We're married 20 years and she loves sucking dick. 10 years ago I told her I watched. She said she woke up sober Christmas, WTF did I do? She my whore in bed and a saint everywhere else. She has a Masters in Reverse Cowgirl. "So I can watch football too." She actually does stand up on amateur night, and uses that line.

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