Landlady has become a slut ....

A reader of my last true story of what my wife has been doing asked the question " did she return the favor " to the guy who got her off at a local store Yes, she did repay the favor..and in doing so she has become a slut.....and I'm sure her reputation is was a couple of weeks after this happened, I was renovating a unit and could see into the parking lot by the office from the living room window of the unit I was working in when I saw a car drive up and park in visitor parking......I really didn't think much about it at the time thinking it was just someone asking about any vacancies so I kept working...about 15 or 20 .minutes passed and I saw the guy leave the office getting in his car and drove away.....I thought I would go and see what he wanted so I went to the office across the parking lot and spotted my wife standing inside at the door thru the blind, I opened the door and instantly knew why she was watching the door.............she was standing there with her blouse undone...her tits were pulled over the cups of her lacy bra and her face and her glasses were covered with cum with some dripping onto her tits.....she quickly reminded me of the coke guy and that he had come to see me about the favor she owed him....she then proceeded to thank me for my understanding of her desires..............

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  • Makes me want to know what was her sluttiest moment....assuming that she has more in her past....I doubt she just started !!

  • So I expect this guy is going to fuck her sooner or later....or maybe he already are right...she IS a slut.....

  • I would love to fuck your wife....

  • And she would probably
    let you .......

  • Size does matter .ladies 98% men have 5 inch cocks i fucked a guy with a 9.7 incher its great

  • Back in the 60's boys swam naked when they could and it was required at the Y and HS swimming class. Most of us loved it that way. We couldn't do it at the park so we'd go to the river. My buddy's parents built a pool with a high fence and told us to swim naked there, not the unsafe river. So we did, his mom was our lifeguard, she had a way of not looking low -- I thought. At 13 I still had a boy's body but my dick just took off. it would slam on my thighs when I walked. I caught buddy's mom looking and quick dove in the water. At 17 I grew to over 6' but my dick still was way biggest than others. For my 18th birthday buddy's mom got a room she was first piece of ass, and blowjob.
    All that said, my wife said she had a fling with an older guy from work, before me, who was even bigger.

  • Souunds great !

  • I was 18 when i married my high school sweetheart and the only guy i had fucked his cock was really small .1 month after i married him i ran into his buddy my friends told me that his cock was my husband was out of town for 3 days i ask him to come over to my house .he said ok.we walked in and i started getting naked than he did but when i saw his rock hard cock my knees was shaking his cock was 10 times bigger than my husbands and when he started slowly sliding it in it hurt so bad i started screaming i felt ever 9 plus inchs then it was so deep i got off for the 1st time in less than 5 mins.then .and he put my legs on his shoulders and started pounding me so deep and hard it started feeling awsome and i got so many times and he slammed my pussy for almost a hour he shot so much sperm as deep i felt it .he got off me and it took awhile till i could walk.but he didnt use a condom and he got me pregant .my husband knew it wasnt his .but where still married and im still fucking my buddy

  • The glasses help keep the cum out of her eyes , nyc

  • Swallowing keeps the cum out of my eyes.

  • Who doesn't take their glasses off to give a blowjob?

  • A lot of people.....what is your point?

  • I've never given one...have you? I doubt her glasses were in the way of her mouth.....

  • Yeah, but the glasses bounce against him when you bob your head up and down, if you do it with any enthusiasm.

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