Sniffing panties

Who likes to sniff panties here and what do you like about it?

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  • My step daughter is sooo sexy i love smelling her dirty panties.

  • Only real queer jerks do filthy crap like that, so fuck off

  • I absolutely love it. I love the aroma of wet pussy and especially asshole. It makes my cock stiff every time. I rub silky panties with skid marks under my nose while I beat off. Pre cum oozes from the tip of my cock when I smell exactly where her pussy juice rubbed into the cotton fabric. After that its seconds until thick ropes of my cum squirt everywhere

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Let's look at what you are sniffing. When we take a shower and someone goes down on us, we don't smell. When we put underwear on, bacteria from sweat starts to form on us and on our underwear. When we use the bathroom we leave a small amount of urine and fecal matter on us and on our underwear. That allows for bacteria to really form fast. When bacteria breaks down other bacteria, urine and fecal matter, the side effect is Oder. Thats what you smell! 
Gross isn't it?
 Thats what you'r smelling when you are sniffing women's panties. Bacteria, sweat, old urine and fecal matter! Thats if you get them right off her.
If you pick them up hours later from the floor or worse the hamper! You are sniffing and licking a lot more bacteria and more! The floor and especially the hamper has everyone in the households bacteria, fecal matter, mold and fungal spores in it and it spreads to those panties you are smelling and licking. If your daddy or her boyfriend is around and he is fucking her you are smelling and licking his cum too. 

So enjoy sniffing and licking those panties.

  • You are somewhat right but also wrong. We all give off a different aroma. My wife and some of the panties I have smelled give of such a beautiful smell. There women that have worked all day that I have went down on and tasted delicious smelled beautiful. My wife only her clothes in her hamper. Either your a guy that has never smelled some good pussy or a woman that has one stinky ass cunt just saying.

  • Nothing. I don't do that.

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