My sister in laws panties

I used to go over my sister in laws house find her dirty panties and smell her pussy juice, urine and ass. Then I would cum in them wishing she would put them back on near her fat hairy pussy. I wonder what she would do if she caught me? I would ask her you like? Love to see her 46 DD jugs and compare her nipples to see if they are huge areolas like my wife. Have her suck me to see if she is good as wife. What do you think?

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  • Hey OP sniff sniff lick lick

  • Which pair did you get the one she took right off or the pair that was stuck in her ass crack for a month? You know the pair she finally found after loosing them in her giant fat ass.

  • Fuck off Troll!!!

  • I guess that you got the pair that was stuck in her fat ass.

  • I came in a pair of my sisters clean panties right were her pussy would be and the next day she was wearing them. Btw I'm 14 and she's 30

  • Bull shit you think see isn't going to notice your crusty cum on them. It's clear that women are smarter then you.

  • She might have worn them knowing it was her young brother's cum in them. It turned her on.

  • Oh yeh women are into gross things like that!
    You have no experience with women do you?

  • More than you have chump!

  • Then why do you need to jack off with a giant pair of stolen panties around your face?

  • Filthy prick

  • You need to start going over there again. Cum in some of her clean panties and bras. When she puts them on she will see your evidence. Then call her up and see what she says.

  • If she is normal she will make him pay for it dearly. Like smacking the shit out of him and making sure everyone knows about it. Since he is stealing her panties calling the police would be the next move. News loves showing and printing that fucked up shit.

  • Let's look at what you are sniffing. When we take a shower and someone goes down on us, we don't smell. When we put underwear on, bacteria from sweat starts to form on us and on our underwear. When we use the bathroom we leave a small amount of urine and fecal matter on us and on our underwear. That allows for bacteria to really form fast. When bacteria breaks down other bacteria, urine and fecal matter, the side effect is Oder.
    Thats what you smell! 
Gross isn't it?
 Thats what you'r smelling when you are sniffing women's panties. Bacteria, sweat, old urine and fecal matter! Thats if you get them right off her.
If you pick them up hours later from the floor or worse the hamper! You are sniffing and licking a lot more bacteria and more! The floor and especially the hamper has everyone in the households bacteria, fecal matter, mold and fungal spores in it and it spreads to those panties you are smelling and licking. If her husband or boyfriend fucked her her you are smelling and licking his cum too.


So enjoy sniffing and licking those panties.

  • You're a fucking idiot. The phenomenal aroma of a woman's asshole and pussy has made me shoot some of the biggest loads of cum in my life. I even sniff my babes ass and cunt during sex , the panties do just fine when she's not around.

  • So you'r an ass sniffer? Do you lick it too? What do you do when you go down to sniff and lick and you find that smashed Tootsie roll and bit of TP stuck there?
    Do you say fuck it and chow down?

  • Maybe the skanks you’ve been with( like your mom) have dirty assholes but the babes I’ve been with know how to clean their assholes. I love rimming their tight back doors

  • Lick that Tootsie roll! Lick it clean.

  • The fat fuck you described has not seen her ass hole in decades. She can barley reach it with her fingers to wipe. Do you know the taste difference between one or two ply TP?

  • So you like the smell of shit? Thats the only problem with anal doggy style. You keep smelling that shit. Nasty.

  • LOL so true

  • You'r the fucking ass hole with her dirty panties around your face. Think about that idiot!

  • Go fuck your mother up her whore asshole. You probably haven't ever held a woman's hand let alone tried the many different aspects of sexual pleasure. I guarantee if you ever get with a woman she will know instantly that you are terrible in bed.

  • Me! Once again I'm not the one with dirty panties around my face. Unlike you ass hole I'm not into incest at all. You are the fake one stealing panties to smell and lick. Hope she catches you bust's you eye out and turns you in so you are on the news.
    PS The post on what you are sniffing is true for anyones underwear! So keep stealing and sniffing pervert.

  • I’m not the original poster , I’m just a man that would kick the fuck out of you for being a stupid little punk.

  • Go for it panty sniffer.

  • Your just as stupid as the poster you jerk

  • WTF what was that reply. You are the Ass Hole with stolen panties around your head not me! You are the OP and mad your sick panty fantasy is roached by the truth.

  • Gee your stupid, can't even read properly, your just a goose

  • I stand by my post panty sniffer. You are a fake and a liar! You are the OP! Why would you care if you weren't panty sniffer. May you find a crossdressers panties and sniff and lick them without knowing. Have a nice sniff.

  • 46DD sounds grossly fat.

  • Why would she put her dirty, stained panties back on?

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