Real life cock sucker and cd'er

I started cding when I was 8. I graduated to cock sucking at 16 at the local abs.
I love kneeling in front of a hole, sucking cock after cock. I always used condoms then, and I was in my 40's when I sucked my first bare cock. I spit out for a couple of years, until I was so horny one day at the rest stop, the guy
said "i'm gonna cum" and I just kept sucking, and that day, I swallowed my first
load of cum. Since that day, I yearn cock so much, and am constantly searching
for more. Every day I do not have at least one cock in my mouth, I am depressed. Now I cruise rest stops in my 44DDD bra and breastforms, a girdle and panties, stockings, and sometimes a wig, and once in a while, I am rewarded. But not nearly enough.
frustrated in Pa.

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  • Your local ABS let you in at age 16??? I must live in the wrong town.

  • I was also very careful to use condoms when I started sucking, but graduated to letting men cum in my mouth and swallowing within about five years. Much, much more satisfying for everyone involved, both physically and emotionally.

    The risk of HIV are basically zero if there are no open sores or cuts in your mouth (yuk), but one should get tested occasionally for other STDs anyway.

  • Hey for the "frustrated Pa" above--with me want Man on sex an am turned off by guys going pussy!! It Man on Man Sex, that means a buds ass hole and his cock an balls all Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What part of pa are you email me

  • For such a submissive act, giving a man a blow job is extremely empowering. That is, when he lets you control the action, not when he grabs you by the hair and takes total control (Although that can be fun too). I love sensually making love to him with my mouth. Hearing those low guttural moans and the quiet thank you and pleas to continue. Culminating in his orgasm. For me anyway, I am filled with a sense of accomplishment! I remember the first time thinking, "I did that! I made that happen! I made him feel that way!" Sometimes I even have my own spontaneously, although not as explosive. For the right man, giving him that gift can be addictive :)

  • 99% of the time with all the guys i get it on with we both love giving a bud a great cum sucking and enjoy the pleasure of ridding his meaty pecker and vice a versa--think so called "Tops" are stupid all of Hot Man on Man sex is fantastic both Top and Bottom--fucking so called "Tops" cam Kiss my Ass!!!

  • PI would love to meet a man like you, I do like to be submissive and to be humiliated. Love to get to know you

  • Man don't like "Submissive Guys" love those bottoms that go after " fat fucker as much as I want to give it to them, love to wake up with a hot bottom Stud with him mouth massaging my Pecker then mounting and giving me a great bouncing fuck!!

  • I love sex

  • Your a real queer prick aren't you.

  • I it my be "queer" but man or man Man on Man sex with two holes to fuck, a hot rimming 69 etc Man on Man sex is always better a cock and a buds hot ass hole is so much more fun than two holes!!! Hey would love to debate this with any of U Studs??????

  • Rude.

  • I had never sucked anyone of and in my mind it was just a one crazy experience that was not that special at the time.Being married and a family man i just wanted to forget it but the young man came onto me again and seemed more confident and able to prolong coming in my mouth by pulling out now and then.6 inches seems so big fully erect and even the head a lot to suck on but i soon just let him take over even though he was only 19 he`d stand over me look down and watch me sucking his cock.He is more than enough for me.

  • Hey and I bet from the great super taste of his meaty cumming pecker and enjoying the feel of him creaming Ur cock hungry ass hole was fantastic--by the way was it just one way or did U trade cum sucking and fucking with each other I have to agree that I have serviced some very hot studs but for at least 98% of the time its always a two way 69--yes have cum sucked some really huge meaty cocks and takin a few up the ass but most times its a 2-way with

  • I was 13 and my stepbrother was 14 when we started playing with each other about 2 weeks later i sucked his cock till he shot his load .id had measured it 9.4 inchs long and thick the next day we where the only ones at home so we fucked and fucked he tore up my virgin pussy now 2 years later no man can get me off

  • Fuck you tape measure guy. You are a fucking looser with a micro dick.

  • What’s cd’ing?

  • Cross dressing. And that's wearing women's clothes, not getting dressed angry.

  • Lol

  • I'm telling you ass holes to leave underage crap out of these stories. I don't care about the rest of it. If you don't leave underage out I will troll the shit out of your stories!!! Think I'm a joke look at the incest stories and see if I'm kidding.

  • Obviously posted by the "mighty anti incest warrior" you better take notice, he is my hero

  • Yup Thats me the only thing I hate worse then incest is pedophilia. Leave underage out of your posts. Even if you are writing about yourself it is still pedophilia. So leave it alone Please.

  • So very well said OH mighty anti incest warrior, you are such an inspiration and ever so decent. All the best to you.

  • Man any Son of a Bitch that takes advantage of and uses the young should be nutted!!!--now I don't mean Dad's whose Sons seem interested in Man on Man sex--go ahead and introduce them to all the pleasures of Man on Man sex--I am talking about those Stupid Ass Rapist Dad's - - I walked in on my Dad jacking off one morning, was really surprised--we talked he asked me if I was turned off and shook up over it--I admitted having discovered that my Dad was interested in Man on Man sex we had some great , family 3-ways, yes think about it a 3 way cum suck and a rotating 69 while butt fucked by each other in a 69???

  • Just watch yourself buster the mighty anti incest warrior's assistant is aware of you

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Go fuck the tree lol

  • You didn't swallow until you were in your 40's? What a waste, l have been swallowing since l was 18.

  • The best part about sucking cock is welcome to cum

  • The best part about sucking cock and swallowing cum

  • I love sucking cum.

  • Who wants to have there dick sucked , large ,small, black or white, any color.i swallow.

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