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I have just begun posting a few stories. I am now 78 and that means everything is mostly behind me, it just leaves me with memories.
There was an underground club in our town, which was a major city in Oregon.
My wife and I (my 2nd one) were into flashing, kinky sex, things like that. She was willing and so was I. We went to this club, it was fairly expensive to get in, $50 which was a lot in the 70's.
But they had this live sex show they put on, usually there would be 25 to 30 people in the audience, and a few rare women.
Fun to watch, I got to talking to the guy that owned the building, one thing led to another and we agreed to put on the show. That got us in for free, which was great.
We did around a dozen of those, made great tips and it got the nasty urges out of our system.
Then came the night I had some kind of upset, not bad and we almost canceled, but finally we went in.
You probably guessed it, no amount of anything could get me up. It was a bust, but the room was full so one young guy that did the same show with a woman they hired got pulled in as a replacement.
He sure had no problem getting it going, and he was at least half again bigger than I was.
That was rough, sitting on the sidelines while this guy fucked my wife Maggie royally. He was really getting off on it, took her from behind, reverse cowgirl, everything. It was also the best night for tips.
Later he told me to let him know if I ever needed help, that my wife was a great fuck!
That only happened the one time but my wife seemed to like it way more than I was happy with.

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