Caught my neighbor w her dog

My next door neighbors are a married couple with a teenaged daughter, I think fifteen? Jailbait, anyway. Yesterday, while the parents were at work, I saw their daughter in her bedroom getting fucked by their lab. I think she might've been trying to get caught, because she didn't have her curtains drawn. She was lying on her belly, on her bed, with her back to her window, in broad daylight; okay, I don't think it would've been visible from the street, but from my upstairs apartment next door, I could see enough to know who she was and what I was looking at. I considered taking videos on my phone, but common sense killed that idea pretty quick. Now I'm still trying to figure out, was she aware that I'd be able to see her, and was she trying to put on a show?



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  • This was weird. So, my wife and I had drunk sex one night, I finished got up went to the bathroom and she was passed out naked face down on the bed. I went to the kitchen to drink water and lock up the house. I must have been gone maybe three or four minutes. When I got back our German Shepard was on her going at it. I stood there for about five seconds thinking WTF is happening. Then I yelled and he got off of her and ran out of the room. I never told her about that.

  • Did you fuck your wife after he got off?

  • Should of let him carry on

  • Fuck you and your fake pedophilia post ass hole!

  • She may need help

  • Need help with what? The fact that she's a human with a sex drive getting dick the only way she can cuz she can't leave the house? Yeah, lock her ass up before she hurts someone.

  • Fuck You you obviously never saw how a dog fucks. They spend more time missing the mark and when they hit the mark it lasts for only a few seconds. Thats it you fucking pedo.

  • There's other ways to get dick.

  • Fuck you and your fake pedophilia post ass hole.

  • Were we reading the same confession, or did you not realize that people's sex drives kick in before it's socially acceptable to acknowledge it? Fif. Teen. I was jacking off at twelve, and trust me, if I had caught somebody watching it would've turned me on, so the exhibitionist thing isn't impossible either. Or do you not remember being a teenager?

  • Yeh I would have been embarrassed ASS HOLE. But writing about sex as or with children is still pedophilia Dumb Fuck. It's not allowed here or anywhere Scum bag.

  • 1- op didn't mention their age. Pretty sure if they're 18, a 15yo is fair game. 2- op didn't say they'd ever been in the same room with her, let alone tried to fuck her

  • "My next door neighbors are a married couple with a teenaged daughter, I think fifteen? Jailbait,"
    Do you read? The OP did state age and even called her jailbait ASS HOLE! And he is right too young and this is a pedophilic post.

  • The OP is the guy that wrote it, he didn't mention HIS age. The point being made is maybe he is only 18.

  • It don't matter how old the writer is. If you write about children in a sexual way, It is PEDOPHILIA period! Can you get that thru your sick mind.

  • If you write a fake story about underage children having sex or writing about them in a sexual way. THATS PEDOPHILIA DIP SHIT.

  • Stop perving you prick

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