She's My Cum Dumpster

My grandmother knew I was doing drugs. She decided that she needed to reform me. She sat me down and said, "We need to have a conversation." I could tell she was jittery. She pulled a bottle of booze out of her cupboard and fixed herself a drink to calm her nerves. She first began telling me how much she cares and loves me and made sure she cave me a down blouse shot of her breasts while leaning to kiss me. "I talked with Patty and she's willing to go along with it." my grandmother said to me. Patty was my grandma's friend. She has the biggest breast that a woman can have and wide thighs.
"How would you feel if I let you join Patty and me and I became a cum dumpster for you instead of you doing drugs." as she moved her chair closer to me and placed her hand on my lap. What she said blew my mind. She undid me and started to masturbate me. No wonder why she wanted that stiff drink. If I promised to refrain from drugs, I could come over that evening and Join her and Patty. I agreed.
They already was going at it in the bedroom. Grandma was engaged with Patty's breast. Patty pushed grandma's head down to her snatch and said for me to drop my pants and fill my grandmother with my cum. While grandma was eating Patty I eased my cock into grandma's loose cunt. It kept slipping out. Patty was busy sucking on her tits and squeezing them around a dildo as Grandma was really turned on by Patty's juices and held my cock in her until I filled her with my cum.
"Remember use me instead of drugs." When I get the urge to do drugs, I go to grandmother, grab her into bedroom and she exposes that loose snatch to me doggy style fingering her clit and holding my cock in her until my cum leaks out of her.

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