My girlfriend's sister...oh boy...

I've been with my girlfriend a few years now. I'm a decade older, and considered myself pretty lucky to have landed her. She's incredibly attractive, kind, somewhat stubborn, but really a good girl. We have lived together a couple years, and everything has been pretty good up until the last 6 months or so. We've been fighting more and sex has been tapering off...which could be any one of a thousand factors, organic or otherwise, but I digress.

Her sister, closer to my age, I've always kind of kept at arms length. She has a long track record of being somewhat of a social climbing golddigger. She's very attractive and it's worked well for her as she never seems to have any shortage of suitors taking care of her. She always tries to take the matriarchal role with her sisters and it's great at family events to poke fun at.

Fast forward (or rewind) to this summer. We had a huge party at a big place we rented and tons of friends with us to celebrate. Lots of drugs and alcohol, and things got pretty crazy. I took a break and went outside, and just laid on the ground looking at the stars...(I was rolling hard). SIL comes over with a blanket and tells me I look cold. GF had gone to bed because she either took something bad or was just too messed up to stay awake.

SIL and I just start talking, (we've really never shared more than a few words of conversation at family events previously) and she scoots next to me. I put my arm under her neck, and after a few minutes she placed my hand on her quite nicely augmented breast. I immediately thought this to be some kind of trap, as she had long ago rubbed my leg pretty aggressively at another party and I stood up and left. She must have read my mind and said..."relax let's just enjoy the sky". We laid there under the blanket for a while, with me just playing with her tits under that blanket. No other contact, no making out...just stroking her and teasing her nipples with my fingers. Pretty soon she got up and found the guy she had come with (he was wrecked) and we all went to our respective beds. That was that.

We didn't talk about it or even make eye contact much until another party at her place. It went late into the night, and my GF went home as she wasn't wanting to stay over. My mind was racing at the opportunity to have some more time with SIL. After partying some more, we ended up on the couch. Finally addressing the elephant in the room as we were grinding together while I spooned her and squeezed her tits. Kissing her on the neck, she looks at me dead, and feels good, but is it worth infidelity? She shakes her head in an inquisitive but lets cool this off manner. We both stopped for a few minutes, and then just relaxed, still intertwined, and fell asleep, waking up just before everyone came back over. Now it's in my head, and I cant get it out. Over the next couple weeks, embraces were longer and harder, excuses to see each other were more frequent, with having her and her man over, and spending lots of time stealing looks, touches, and knowing glances.

One night, GF and I got pretty drunk just celebrating a work thing, and my hangovers are pretty legendary. I called SIL to see if she had any hangover remedies and she did. She blurts out...just come over I'll have it ready. GF thinks nothing of it based on history, so off I go in a cab. I arrive, and SIL is on the couch right where we had been weeks before, holding a glass of wine and wearing this skin tight, striped summer dress that I've seen her in before, and until no never noticed how incredible she looked in it. Bolstered by my newfound confidence and bravado, I slide across the couch and put my arm around her, giving her a hug and a peck on the cheek...just to read her. She gets up, turns off the TV, and we go to the kitchen and drink a little more and work on the hangover remedy. I keep brushing against her, and finally I cant take it anymore. I grab her and pick her up and just start carrying her around. We start really talking. I flat out tell her...I want to kiss you. I've wanted to a while now, and we need to figure out what this thing is between us once and for all. She coyly balks...saying no, we shouldn't, as she squeezes her legs together as I'm dry humping her standing up. I flash my cock at her in a dare, and she giggles and says...I knew it, with an evil smile. She finally agrees to one kiss, and in an instant we are savagely making out, my tongue inside her mouth dancing with joy, teasing her lips, and devouring her with insane passion. I'm grabbing her asscheeks holding her up like they were preventing me from levitating. It's otherworldly how hard and hot she makes me, even fueled on drugs and booze.

We break it our senses and separate from each other a second...and realize the magnitude of what we are doing. Booze and endorphins rule, and I pick her up again. Now the phone rings and it's GF asking if I'm coming home. Yes, yes, be home in a few.

Order the cab. I look at SIL and just start giving a countdown until my car arrives. 18 minutes...the counter ticks and we start getting closer. She's still balking but we both know. I walk to the door, and she follows. She "innocently" bends over to get her shoes, and her perfect little shaven pussy is staring right at me. I drop my pants, she aggressively sucks and plays with my cock and balls for a few seconds and then I spin her around to move in behind her...and she turns quickly and says not yet!

12 minutes and the window is closing. I pick her up, and carry her over to the couch laying down as I yank up her dress. She is amazing in the dim light and her pussy is soaked. I look her directly in the eyes as I enter her, and she squeals with delight. We fuck hard, passionately, and briefly. It is surrreal how tight she is and how good it felt to finally fuck her. I come inside her, and then have to bolt for the door as she showers. We share a knowing glance and a passionate goodbye kiss as I go. I hated having to leave.

It's been a couple months and the opportunity hasn't arisen again, despite our attempts. We text back and forth innocuously, but the tension is still there. Masturbation and fantasizing don't curb the urge. I know the next time we are alone together it is going to happen again. It's just too forbidden and hot. She is a perfect escape...and it cant go anywhere. My god is she a fucking thoroughbred in the sack and I can't stop thinking about her.

From not even on my radar to constantly on my mind.


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