Nipples tattooed

This past Sunday I went and got my nipples and areolas tattooed. When I first went into the shop the male artist actually seemed nervous to do them. When he had finished the stencils he called me onto his office. I removed my shirt and bra, releasing my 36gg tits which seemed to make him even more nervous! He got the stencils placed and I sat back in his chair,

I have sensitive nipples, so needless to say it wasn't very far into the first tattoo, between his hand basically groping my tit, and the vibration of the tattoo machine I started to moan a little and I could feel the wetness starting! I knew that it wouldn't be long before it would be embarrassing to leave with wet jeans so I asked him to stop for a moment so I could remove my jeans.

This actually accelerated my horniness, and almost immediately, I had the first of several moaning and squirting orgasms! After he was done both tattoos I actually asked him to finger fuck me while he ran the machine on my clit and had an amazing orgasm before I left! He charged me the shop minimum, and said that it was one of his best tips! I'm going back this Thursday!

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  • Never happen

  • Prove it then put a photo up and let us know where it is posted.
    I call bullshit.

  • So do I! Tattooing is painful and not the fun kind of pain. Dude for women it is more embarrassing to have no pants on in the store than a small wet spot that may or not be there. Give it up guy.

  • But she said they were in his office didn't she. So out of sight of other customers and people walking by.

  • Are you an idiot? Women don't drop their pants anywhere just because of a small wet spot. Clearly written by a guy.

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