My Meds Made Me A Slut

I'm an active senior citizen. I gotten more active since my doctor changed my meds. My sexual desires started to come back and I started to play with myself. I would get moist down there when I finger my clit. I told my good friend Molly about it and she too was having the same side affects from her meds. We began to feel, grope, and kiss each other.
We decided to seduce Jon. He was our handyman. He was twenty years younger and very nice. We convinced him to sit at the table and have tea with us. I carefully unbuttoned my top slightly to tease him with my huge EEE cup breasts. Molly stood behind me massaging my shoulders and slipping her hand on my breasts. Molly said, "I use to be envious of Edna breast size and how they really stayed firm to this day, compared to my empty breasts.
We caught him off guard when we said, "We'll show you how different they are." as we exposed them to him. He spilled his tea. We went over to clean the mess. My tits was in front of his face and Molly was wiping his crotch with the towel as they hung down enticing Jon.
As we was putting the stuff away, Jon stepped behind us grabbing our tits. Molly and I didn't say anything. We reached back to give him a feel at his crotch and it was stiff. " Interested in getting piece from us, hun?" we asked. "Hell yes!" he answered. We both surrounded him groping his penis as the three of us groped the breasts that Molly and I have.
Molly and I led him to the sofa and took turns lowering ourselves on his cock. I would feel Molly's tits and she would feel mine. He was able to give both of us his load.

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  • Wish I was your handyman

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