First time I sucked dick

The first time I sucked dick I was in fifth grade. We would take turns sucking each other off the others we would 69. This went on for a couple years. The next time I sucked dick was when I was 45. Was trying to find a woman to play with on Craigslist but nothing. Told a friend about it, he suggested answering an ad for a guy wanting to suck dick. So I did next thing I know I'm at this guys house in his garage with him on his knees sucking my cock. Blew my nuts all down his throat. I was hooked I was getting between 3 and six blowjobs a day. There was this one guy had me at his house up stairs in his bedroom on his bed. Acted like he didn't want to suck me off I just laid back he was laying down next to me already naked. He was sucking my dick real good. I looked over and saw his dick there all hard and figured what the hell. I took his dick into my mouth and sucked head for a little bit. Wondered if I would gag on it so I started taking it into my throat. We no hag reflux so I took him all the way to his base and just started throat fucking his cock. He came down my throat and I came in his mouth. Now I find guys to swap head with all the time.

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • You smell like rotten carp!

  • We don't care about the first time you sucked dick pedo! Leave that part out or I will troll you like I do the incest ass holes.

  • Again, IF YOU DONT LIKE WHATS ON THE TV, VHANGE THE CHANNEL OR TUTN IT YHE FUCK OFF. IF you don't like seeing an 85 yd old woman get baked and fuck a guy in the ass then don't turn to that channel. FFS, QUIT CRYING ABOUT IT THE PAINTING ON THE WALLS AND JUDT STAY THR FUVK OUT THE ROOM. LMAO. WOILDNT THAT BE SIMPLER THAN YOU WRITING SO MUCH NEGATIVE. Maybe somebody like myself or others want to know about his first time sucking cock. Maybe I want to know how what and how he got a guy to go along with it. Get him drunk or do some drugs with him

  • Your bra is too tight loosen it so your brain can get some oxygen sick fuck.

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  • Yeah, it's so much easier to find a male cocksucker over a woman.

  • Grindr

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