Caught wearing panties

After my wife left for work, I was horny and decided to put on a pair of my sister in law's panties, that I had stolen, and masturbate. While watching femdom porn and wearing the panties, my wife had come home extremely early and caught me jacking off. After making me confess to stealing the panties, she insisted that I finish while she watched. She really enjoyed humiliating me. I am sure she has since told my sister in law. I am both nervous and excited about what my wife will do now that she knows I like to wear panties.

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  • So exciting. Love it when my wife catches me in her collection and watches silently then bursts in and humiliates me.

  • Aftet my wife died my step daughter who is now 20, let's me fuck her while I'm crossdressing. The first time she said she let me fuck her if I wear her bra and panties. I did sex with her is incredible.

    She gets off fucking crossdressers. She said she can't cum with a regular guy and thinks she maybe a lesbian, but wants cock.

    Last week she said. She want me to get breast implants so she can suck tits or we will stop fucking. I love her and agreed to it. Looking for a doctor to do it. I'm very hairless and feminine looking. So scared but I can't give her up.

  • I hope , just to teach you a lesson , she brings my veiny 8 inch cock home to give all three of you what you really want , a good hot fucking . I'll make all three of you my bitches and use all our holes for pleasure , nyc .

  • Merry Christmas,,,, cb

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • I’m up for this!

  • I love to talk filthy to you, I can be quite disgusting and inventive😈

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