I let my dog lick me

So at the age of around 12 I was dog sitting for some people down the road, for the confession the dogs name will me mila and she’s a husky. Anyways they were gone for a week so I would have to go and sleepover at the house and watch the dog let her out play with her and feed her. On about the second night I had gotten out of the shower and only put a long shirt on then put some cartoons on and sat on the couch But I sat with my knees to my chest so I guess I was exposed Then mila comes in and Sits in front of me just looking at me. But she is a big dog so she is breathing heavily and I feel it on my pussy. I feel a bit ashamed of this but I moved closer to the edge of the couch so I could feel her breathing more. Next think I knew she was sniffing and licking me I pushed her away at first because I wash shocked
But then she just came back and did it again it felt nice so I didn’t stop her. The rest of the week I walked around in only a top and she would follow me wherever I went and I would get so excited when she would lick my little pussy. I have always thought what would it have been like if she was a male dog but I am 18 now and I don’t think I would ever actually try any of that stuff



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  • I know a Husky named Mila... Are you from Mexico? message me secretelijahoATgmailDOTcom

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  • Fuck you and your sick pedophilia post, fucking ass hole

  • Who the hell let's a 12 year old dog sit alone?

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