I let Innocent wife be spied on having sex like a slut

I noticed one day that high school boys would hang out in the corner of my building and smoke, talk about girls etc. Our bedroom window was located right there. I stopped closing the window blinds all the way, leaving about one and a half inch open from the bottom. It wasn't long before one of them took a peak. I got so excited I asked my wife to undress in another room and walk into the bedroom nude. I told her to shake her tits, shake her ass, then walk over, get on her knees and give me a blow job. Then I fucked her in different positions, all the time watch those guys out of the corner of my eyes as their faces became so lustful and looking back at each other with smiles and delight. The word spread so I made it just a once in a week or so thing to keep the amount of guys down to a small number. She was my slut on front on young hot cocks and never knew it. I was so exciting and arousing. We eventually move and I really missed not doing again.

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  • I have shared myself fucking wife videos to my colleagues and friends. I ensure that these videos do not show our faces. Just pass over to them as downloaded from the net. Once in office I played one such video of me and wife in the action and got a thrill hearing their raw comments. One colleague commented that the body language of the man in the porn seems to be yours and I retorted saying that I would be the happiest man to fuck such a gorgeous lady with big boobs and butts and would also like to lick her pussy and cum in her and all had a good laugh. Another friend commented about her big boobs and brown hairy pussy as juicy and whore hole. Other one commented he fill fuck her all holes the whole day if given a chance. But surprising one colleague who knows my wife came to me when I was alone and told he knew that videos were made by me and the woman in it is your wife. I just told him that is your fantasy just to save my face. That day I fucked my wife with much vigor thinking of my colleagues comments.
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  • Staying at a beach hotel my wife and I are fucking in the morning and the hot chambermaid walks in. "oh so so -- how do you ---sourrry" in a Russian accent.
    I see in the hallway and she's still apologizing. "please don't tell.. I knock." the music was loud and we didn't hear. I give her $20 and say our lips are sealed.

  • When we go visit my wife's sister out of state we always stay in the same motel. We usually stay for three nights. Blinds open fucking the night away. I would say about half the time we have a audience watching. We got into the habit one night when she was horney as hell. We came back for her sisters house and forgot to close the the blinds only to see some guy outside waking off. When I realized what was going one I told the wife I was going to close the blinds and she said let him watch. And that was that.

  • Our bedroom window faces a big front porch we share with our neighbor, the son of the property owners. One morning I was giving my husband a wake up bj and I looked up and saw the neighbor staring at me. I met his gaze and went crazy.

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now: https://ujeb.se/gprHh

  • I was like that with my wife in our first apartment. I came home from work one night and saw four late teens jerk away and walk from our first floor apartment bedroom window. I went over to see what they were looking at and saw my wife shirtless in bra. Nothing spectacular. I told her what I ran off and she didn't seem to believe me. Later, when we were driving together and I spotted them I pointed them out to her as to who her peepers were.

    About two months later I come home and see the four guys there again. Again they suddenly scatter when they see me. This time I didn't have to stand in their spot to see in. Our blinds are almost fully open, our lights are on and I can see that my wife is wearing one of the skimpy negligees that she was given at her wedding shower. When I got in she pounced on me. Asked she confirmed she knew she had an audience and wanted to put on a show. We screwed like porn stars.

    Turns out Peeping Toms are a huge turn on for her. To this day, 30 years later, she keeps at least some blinds so that anyone can peek in if they try. When she feels frisky, she'll put on a show of some kind, just in case someone is watching.

  • So if you miss it find a way to do it again take her to a park or just do it in your car someplace you can be seen

  • Set up a can and record it then show others i would love to see it

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