The first time I ever sucked a dick

So I’m male it all started when I was 10 I had a friend who was a year older then me and I’d stay at his house every now and then and he had a younger brother who was 2 years younger then me. Their mom worked a lot so it was just just them in the house till later at night or early in the morning depending on her hours. Well my friend younger brother who I’ll call (A) seemed interested me a lot i don’t know why but he’s run around the house naked cause it was comfortable even if I was there and honestly it caught my attention for some reason I was interested and I’d check him out every now and then and I’m sure he knew cause he’d only run around the house naked when it was just us 3 there. When we’d all play fight or whatever he’d touch me all over some times it felt like he was even trying to stick his hands in my pants turns out I wasn’t wrong. One day while we’re hanging out my friend got asked to go out and get something for his mom and asked if I’d just stay with his brother for a bit and watch him I said sure so shortly after he leaves (A) asked if we could “play fight” I said sure we could. Well in the process he gets his hand in my sweatpants and starts feeling up my cock I look at him shocked and asked what is he doing, he told me I was cute and wanted to see and play with my cock honestly I didn’t know what to say Or do I was stunned so he grab my pants by the sides and pulled them down till my dick and balls were exposed and I was so hard from him touching me before he then starts to get naked after he starts jerking me and himself off till we both drycum cause we can’t actually cum yet do to our ages. This became a regular thing after this happened any time we’d get alone we’d jerk each other of or when we’d sleep over one another’s houses. So about 2 weeks go by and we’re at their house playing hide and seek and me an him found the best place no one could find us and as we wait he asked him we could try something an I asked what is it he told me to pull out my dick so he could suck on it, I was a little hesitant at first but I gave in after he instead he quickly drops to his knees and pulls out my dick and starts sucking on it I’m just watching it disappear into his mouth he licks all up and down my shaft and the head till I drycum then says it’s his turn he quickly drops his pants and ask me to suck it so I complied and dropped to my knees and took him in my mouth and just fell in love with the way it felt in my mouth sucking on it running my tongue all over his head and shaft. This went on for a few years got even better once we were finally at the age to actually cum now, we’d dump our loads in each other’s mouths on one another’s faces or cock and balls and use it as lube to jerk each other off. That’s how it all started Best few years of my life and some of the best experiences. Really wish I still had a nice cock to suck on tho now I miss it.


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  • Fuck you and your sick fucking pedophilia post ASS HOLE

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  • Why doesn’t he want to fuck you?

  • I had two friends when I was young that we played with each other. Then we started sucking each other. When we started having orgasms I was the only person to continue sucking. I enjoyed having their dicks in my mouth. I also enjoyed their cum. I let them use me any way and anytime they wanted.
    I miss those times.

  • I am glad to hear some one like me me and one of my friends I grow up with started like you and your friend my friend was the same age we were 9 years old he asked me if I would like to suck his dick after we had been masterbating and I was not to sure about it but I did and like you I like it a then my friend suck my dick and when we got old enough to cum that made sucking his dick even better and like you it would be nice to find a friend that we could do that every once in a while

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