I’m not an arrogant douche bag

I feel like a complete arrogant douche bag for thinking that Magnum condoms fit me best because most guys say that they need them even though there is a 8.5/10 chance they’re full of shit. Regular condoms are too snug.

I believe (don’t quote me) 15% of guys actually need them, meanwhile a good chunk of condoms on the shelves where I live in the USA are magnums.

I’m 19 and I didn’t find out that I’m “well-endowned” until a couple weeks ago. I was surprised. One day I’ll be like an aircraft carrier; I’ll be big and have motion in the ocean.

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  • Well, I never really asked around to see who used what size, I used to break regular size, I didn't know if there was large ones in 80s. Our first child was conceived as a result of a broken condom. Later, i found Trojan Magnums. I tried one on, it was like, aaaaaaaah now THESE are more comfortable

  • Hey tape measure guy shut the fuck up. You got a micro dick so live with it.

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  • What? Are you unable to just go by how many inches your dick is?

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