My group leader told me he wanted to fuck me like a rabbit

I worked in a factory and moved to a different department the group leader was really nice to me and helped me. He is 6’4 and very muscular.
At first he was really polite then he started really flirting with me . Then one day he walked up behind while I was working and I could feel his cock pressing against me and told me he would like to fuck me like a rabbit . I was 23 and he was 38 I had been married for 3 years . So he kept getting bolder and bolder then one day he ask me if I knew how rabbits fucked I said no . Then he told me that he would meet me after work and he would show me. At the end of the shift he came over and ask me if I was ready I said I couldn’t that I had to meet my mother . He said ok tomorrow I said maybe . The next day he said he had a room at a nearby motel for me to be there . When I drove into the parking lot I seen his car I was really nervous. I went to the room number that he gave me and knocked on the door when he opened the door he was already naked his dock was long with a big head . He said for me to take a shower and he would show me how rabbits fucked. When I came out he was ready he ate me till I cummed then he put my legs on his shoulders and shoved it in all the way and really went fast till he cummed . After that we met as often as we could

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