Empty tits

My wife spoiled me with her long saggy breasts. I was in my late 20's when I met her. Her tits caused me to marry her. I couldn't keep my hands and mouth from not playing with them and she knew it. She offered them to me when they was milked filled. She use to squeeze her nipples and shoot milk out onto my cock. She regularly masturbated me with her tits, so when she past away I looked at porn with women having very long saggy empty tits and masturbated.
I relocated and tagged along with this gal to church. There I met and dated Barb. Her tits was big and moved about behind what she was wearing. They would rest on top of the table when we dined out. She would let me tit fuck her as she held them in her hands. She would straddle across on my cock and lean forward and slap my face with her breasts. I started to leave bruise marks on those tits. Our relationship ended.
Then I met Janet she didn't have much on top but she rally knew how to suck cock. I met her mother at an invited dinner invitation. Her tits hung down to her waist. Janet nudged me because she saw me undressing her mother with my eyes. Then one day Janet wanted me to fix something for her mother. I found out Janet's mother likes to drink. She would offer me a glass while I was trying to do the fix. Janet's mother drank a bit too much and she told me she was going to rest in the bedroom. I finished the repair and filled my glass with the booze Janet's mother left on the table. I was feeling a bit tipsy. I stepped into the bedroom and saw Janet's mother's big empty tits hanging down on each side of her under the clothes she had on. I couldn't resist the urge and started feeling them with me stroking.
She pulled her top up exposing the big nipples on the end of her empty tits and letting me fondle them. She grabbed my penis and gently stroked it. I started to suck on those aged granny tits. "Yes!" she blurted out and held my head there as I sucked them. Then she shook my head across her tits. "Grannies can still play for kicks." she said as she guided my dick behind her underwear into her.
Few days later Jane told me to go to hell! I can have her alcoholic mother. I've been with Rose, Janet's mother for a while. She ties up her tits for me and masturbates me onto her tits. I enjoy pulling on Rose's blue veined tits.

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  • It is simply great to stick your hard throbbing cock between a pair of saggy boobs and fuck while she holds them together. When you are done rub all the cum on her boobs....

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