Wife wants me to fuck her sister.

My wife seems to get off from the Idea of me fuck the shit out of her younger sister.

I’m not uncomfortable with this or anything, her sister is very attractive.

My question is- is that a normal kink? If so what is the name of that kink.

Also why would she like that idea ??

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now: https://ujeb.se/gprHh

  • My husband died on an oil rig accident before he could get me pregnant, this is in Texas. I needed to get a son for the family, so after the funeral services I told his grampa, a hot silver haired 70 year old stud, I needed him to do the deed to keep the family name alive. Hubby’s father was snipped, so I did not ask him. Well it took a few days but the grandfather relented, cause he knew we had to get me preggo in the right time....or it would be suspicious.

    So he came to the house, and was nervous. We started to kiss and he was great, he suckled my nipples and I get wet. Then we got naked, wow his cock was beautiful and cut, nice and thick with perfect length. We made love, feeling his weight on me, his silver chest hair on my breasts and deep kissing. He came hard and gave me what I needed. He rested a few days and we did it again. It worked, I got pregnant and gave the family the heir they wanted. This is a very prominent family in Texas. I admit we still have sex too. But I don’t want to wear him out.

  • You know it is illegal. It is still incest because you are married. If you don't want a criminal record and prison time don't do it.

  • Don’t ask just go with it

  • Had a fling. It was over. Felt guilty and confessed.
    My wife totally got off on it so I showed her some nude pictures I took of GF.
    She has a copy she carries in her wallet. Wants all the sex details while we're having sex. I asked about her sister and she's like go it, she's a closet slut. And
    gave me tips on how to get in her pants.
    So Yah

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