I wanta become a total cocksucker

Hi im a sub sissy type male. I wanta suck men off. as many as I can. have enough cock to service that it adds up to 10 or 20 blow jobs a week. even more maybe. I wanta see how many loads I can be fead.

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now: https://ujeb.se/gprHh

  • 5 years ago, at 20, I gave into to my desire for cock. I had girlfriend for 2 years, but felt disgusted kissing her and fucking her. I just did it fast and came. Luckily she was not really into sex.

    On the day we broke up, went the park and in the wooded area. Within minutes a older guy had his cock in my mouth and came. Another one saw us and fed me his too after he striped me. I was naked and I let 7 men use my mouth. It was the most beautiful and satisfying sex I ever had. Swallowed all 7, times so delicious. I never knew it could be so good. I only wear sweats now so I can get naked fast for them.

    All during the lockdowns I haven't stopped, I love public Blow jobs and anal. I want to be caught naked on my knees. I know I'm going to get AIDS, but I need to taste their cum. I need them in my ass.

    Today I got ass fucked by 6 men. They don't care if anyone has cum inside me. They just want to fuck me. I want more and need to be used like a disgusting worthless faggot. My dream is to have 50 men fuck my ass and mouth in one day. A month ago I went to a motel and left 20 men use me for 2 day. I couldn't walk my ass bled and I threw out a lot from all the cum. But I was completely sexually satisfied for once.

    I'm going to a Gay bar tonight and blowing every guy that comes in the toilet. I done it before, I strip and knell on a towel in front of a stall and blow them. If I'm lucky I'll be spit roasted several times like last week.

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