Bi sex has turned me into a man whore

I have always consider myself pansexual but very rarely have I slept with people outside my relationship. I recently answered an ad for a MF couple looking for a bi guy. After discussing getting together they invited me over for a party they was having. When I arrived at the house I was surprised to see five couples there. They had told me there would be other people but I was surprised I seemed to be the only single. During the introduction they mentioned I answered there ad looking for a bi guy. One of the ladies said she did not believe I was bi and that I should have to prove it to stay. She looked at her husband, who was sitting on the sofa next to her, and told him to pull his cock out. She grabbed my hand and pull me right up to her face. She looked me in the eye and said suck his cock and you better enjoy it.

I took his soft cock in my mouth. I was surprised by both how quick if got hard and how big it was. I felt my pants being removed. One of the women starting licking my ass and then lubed it up. First it was one finger then two. About that time the cock I was sucking exploded in my mouth. The wife of the cock came down and started kissing me. She said he took it all. Now it is time to see if he likes women too. She pulled her short dress up and demanded I make her cum. While I was eating her pussy I felt the soft skin of a hard cock pressing up against my ass. One of the other guys started to fuck me. The lady I was eating demanded I put two fingers in her while I was eating her. Within minutes she was squirting in my face. Another woman took her place on the sofa. After eating her for awhile she said since her husband was fucking me I could fuck her. I put my dick in her as I was getting fucked. I had almost cum five or six times without being touched so I was surprised when I did not cum right away.
Her husband however did cum right in my ass. As I am pumping away on the beautiful pussy I felt sick number two enter my ass. We repositioned so everyone was on the floor when another pussy found itself in my face. I now have a dick in my ass, my dick in a pussy and a pussy in my face. Then come a dick so I am switching between sucking a cock and eating pussy when I feel load two enter my ass. The dick I was sucking ends up in my ass next. My ass is getting sore but I refuse to quit until everyone is happy. Before the night was over all five guys had fucked me, four came in my mouth, I hade eating all five ladies pussy and fucked four of them, taken five loads in my mouth, got squirted on twice, and had an invitation to come back next month.
I returned for 18 visits with all ending the same way. By the time the year and a half was up I had met 8 different couple and two single females. Sex will never be the same. I am now craving multiple partners all the time.

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