Fuck at a gay bar

I will never forget my first trip to a gay bar. I was lucky enough to date a beautiful TS for almost a year. It had been several years since I had sex with her and I was missing that something extra she had.

I decided to go to a local gay bar that had TS shows on Friday night. I arrived at 11pm but the show did not start until midnight. I decided to go downstairs to bar. There were so many people you. Hold not get close to the bar. It was also very dark except on the dance floor where the guys were putting on a show.

As I watch I felt a guy behind me grab my waist lightly and press his cock up against my ass . His said excuse me but kept pressing against me. I found myself pushing my ass against his hard cock. We stayed that way for a while then I felt his hand come around to the front of my pants. First he felt my hard on. I looked around and no one was paying any attention. The wall to wall people made us invisible to everyone. Next he unbuckled my pants. Panic was setting in. My heart was racing. What is he doing? What does he look like, besides excuse me we have not spoke a word. I was afraid to turn around and look at him. I just froze but my dick was harder than it has been in a while. I feel lube being applied to my ass. One finger penetrated my tight ass. Then two. Now he is lowering my pants some more. No one seems to know or see what is happening. I feel the head of his cock pressing against my asshole. I feel it slip in. Another minute of two and he has it all the way in. Just let it stay in without moving for a minute or two. I felt his lips on the back of my neck. He whispers here it come and starts fucking me hard. My eyes are closed now. As he is fucking me I feel a mouth on my cock. I open my eyes and look around. No one in the bar seems to be watching except for one other guy who just smiles at me. I am in a crowd of people getting my ass fucked and my dick sucked. I the fucking gets harder and right as I am shooting my cum in a strangers mouth my ass is getting filled with cum. The stranger turns me around. I see this beautiful guy. He immediately sticks is tongue in my mouth while his, as I find out later, boyfriend starts licking and sucking the cum out of my ass before he pulls my pants up. I went home with them later and fucked them both. My dick is hard as a rock reliving this story.

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