In prison i encouraged men to have sex with me

First of all everyone knew i was gay because after my arrest the state put my face on the news and announced gay man arrested. No one could say anything with out me turning it sexual and gay. Any time a guy showed me a girly picture i would say, "not my flavor, but if you want to look at it while i suck you?" i would tell guys pull it out and i would suck it, definitely did not care what another man looked like, so long as he pulled his dick out for me to suck on. Others knew i did not see or suck and tell. One time a guy asked for some peanut butter and i said, "are you going to put it on your dick and let me lick it off?" that is why i had sex with 70 men in prison, because i did everything to edge it on. I was a nasty naughty perv and the best thing about prison was being isolated around horny men.

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  • Fantasy pure fantasy. If he thinks that is how prison works, He is sadly mistaken. You become somebody's bitch and belong to them.

  • And not getting shanked.

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

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