First time i sucked a dick

It was 1972, i was 8 years old and living on El toro marine base. Ron was my age and stole a magazine from his father's collection. Ron said he wanted to show me the magazine where no one could see. We went to a vacant garage, turned on light and he began to thumb through the magazine. He got to the picture of a woman sucking on a man and said, " i wonder what that feels like?" i confessed to my older female cousin doing that to me. He asked what it felt like and i offered to suck his. He pulled his pants down and was already hard. I put my lips on him and began sucking. I did not stop until he grabbed my head and pulled my face into him.
We never did anything again. I never knew Ron's last name.

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  • Fuck you and your sick fucking pedophilic post ASS HOLE

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