The first blowjob I gave

I had always considered myself straight, in a way I still do. I don't find the male body attractive, usually all focus is on the cock and balls. I also found that it was only older cocks that I felt drawn to. Growing up in San Diego, I didn't travel out of my neighborhood much until later on in my years.
At 24 I started to visit adult stores, found that I really liked the vibe of the video booths, how dirty they felt, how pervy the guys walking around were. I would go in the day time when it wasn't too busy just to feel a little naughty and bust a nut then on my way. I wound up once by a video shop near a Toyota dealership where I had brought my car in for service and decided to kill some time. There was nobody in the shop except the lady at the cash register, I got some singles and by the time I willed myself to the booths an older man was walking around the dark hallways waiting for people to turn up. I passed him and he whispered "take care of me" which caught me off guard so I said no man good luck. I chose my booth and went in, locked the door behind me and started to get settled in. The old guy knocked on my door and I ignored it for a second but it was on my mind, I had fantasized about just fooling around with another guys cock, and so I said fuck it i'll ask to see it and see where it goes.
My heart was racing, I walked over to the door, I peeked out and said alright man you can come in and I just want to see it, no promises. He agreed and walked in. We stood there and I said you can sit and whip it out. He obeyed and proceeded to unzip himself and whipped out this thick short circumcised cock. I was impressed, he asked me if I liked it and I said that's a nice cock. I asked if I could touch it and he said yes, so I sat next to him and let him choose the porn he wanted. Then I proceeded to stroke his cock, caress his sack, he groaned with pleasure and I just got further into it. He would keep asking me if I liked it and I kept replying how nice a cock it was. He then would try to reach over behind me, which I stopped and told him I had no interest in being touched, I just wanted him to sit there and let me do my thing. He agreed, and told me that he would suck my cock if I let him, I said i'm sure you would.
I continued stroking him, told him I was straight and was trying this out. He said that was okay and he understood, he was married himself so this was on the down-low, he smelled clean and was kind.
Eventually as I stroked him, he began to pre-cum, small drops appearing at the tip and I brushed my thumb onto it and hesitated for a second then gave in and tasted my thumb. It didn't taste like anything, probably not enough of it. I then proceeded to get on my knees in front of him and began to try sucking him off. He loved it, I don't think I was doing a good job but I don't think he cared as long as I wasn't hurting him. I loved the taste of his cock and the way it filled up my mouth just enough to remain comfortable. I tried doing what I thought you should and he didn't complain, so I kept going. He patted my head and I was loving every second of it.
Then my phone rang, letting me know my car was ready so I had to stop there, I gave his cock a nice lass suck and tug, popped his balls into my mouth and thanked the man. told him it was fun and maybe we'd see each-other again. We were both sad he didn't get to finish.
I still think about that cock a lot, I don't remember his face but I remember his cock. I haven't gotten brave enough to try and find him again, maybe someday.


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  • Someone who loves the feel of a nice cock in their mouth should find older guys because it takes them a lot longer to get off!

  • I enjoyed the adult book stores. The video booths. I especially liked the ones with gloryholes. I would wear panties and stockings and leave the door unlocked so people could see me and join me in the booth if they wanted. I would stay there for hours sucking cocks and letting men have my ass. I enjoyed the drive home feeling the cum leaking out of me.

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