Girlfriend Had Sex With Her Father

My girlfriend and I got together in 7th grade and have been together ever since.  Between our 8th grade and 9th grade years, she got drunk at her house and we were sending videos of each other just being kids.  At one point, she went to the upstairs in her house and her dad was passed out on the couch drunk.  He is a major alcoholic and all of his money goes towards alcohol.  But anyways, she sent me a video of her pulling down his pants.  Then, she sent me a video of her slowly jerking him off and then kissing his penis glans.  I remember then she didn't send a video for a few minutes.  After a few, she sent me a video of her just straight up deepthroating her dad's penis.  Soon after, she sent me a video of her, still, sucking her dad's penis, but then also him cumming in her mouth and him waking up and jumping out from the couch.  At this point in our relationship, we had already lost our virginities to each other, so we knew what sex was and how to do it.  About half an hour goes by and then she saids me a video of her dad penetrating her vagina with his penis and they are having very rough sex.  She was laying on her back and he was just pushing in.  A few minutes goes by and she sends me another video of her dad cumming inside of her vagina.  Later on, I also had sex with her mom right next to her dad and her having sex.  We did this multiple times.


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  • Fuck you and your sick fucking pedophilic incest post ass hole. This the real side of pedophilic incest and what happens sick ass hole.

    A STEPDAD convicted of kidnapping and holding his stepdaughter captive for close to 20 years was sentenced to life in prison on Tuesday.
    Henri Piette, 65, kidnapped Rosalynn McGinnis, now 35, from her home when she was 12 years old in 1997, prosecutors said.
    She was living with her mom, who was in a relationship with Piette, in Oklahoma.
    Piette held her for nearly 20 years in Mexico — and raped and abused her repeatedly, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Oklahoma.
    Because of the abuse, McGinnis had nine children, with the first being born when she was 15, the office said in a news release on Tuesday.
    In July 2016, McGinnis “was able to escape with her children to the United States Consular General Offices in Nogales, Mexico.”

  • That’s when the FBI began to investigate.
    Adam Reynolds, an FBI agent, wrote in an affidavit that Piette had changed he and McGinnis’ names “numerous times in an attempt to stay hidden.”
    During the trial, McGinnis said they moved “dozens of times within the United States and Mexico.” She said Piette forced her to change her hair color and wear glasses.
    “He controlled the victim by extreme violence, threats of violence, and sexual abuse against her and her children.”
    Piette "married" McGinnis when he was 11 years old.
    McGinnis told investigators "she remembered when she was 11 years old, [Piette] took her to a van and married her."
    "She added Piette gave her a ring and [Piette's] son, Toby Piette, officiated the marriage."
    McGinnis was kidnapped shortly after.
    She told Dr. Oz in an interview last year that she, Piette and the children had met a couple at a supermarket who had paid for their groceries when they came up short.
    The couple, Lisa and Ian, had asked McGinnis and Piette where they lived and started a conversation, before soon thinking “something wasn’t right.”

  • The couple somehow secretly offered to help McGinnis and kept tabs on them when Piette moved her and the kids.
    “[Lisa was] like, ‘I know there’s something wrong,’” McGinnis said. “’If you can ever get away, I’ll help you.’”
    One day when Piette was asleep after drinking, McGinnis managed to take the kids and fled to the couple’s home.
    They filed a missing person’s report for McGinnis and helped the group of 10 go to the consulate.
    Piette was convicted in June of kidnapping and traveling with intent to engage in sexual acts with a juvenile.
    On Tuesday, he was sentenced to life in prison.

  • U.S. Attorney Brian Kuester said in a statement: “Life in prison is a sentence the law reserves for the most serious offenders — offenders like Henri Michelle Piette.”
    “For 20 years he inflicted extreme physical and emotional abuse on the victim and her children. For 20 years she feared for her and her children’s lives.”
    He continued: “The victim’s courage ended the defendant’s reign of terror. Unfortunately, the horrific memories may very well last a life time.”
    “It is fitting that the defendant’s sentence will also.”
    McGinnis said she didn’t tell her children what their story was until after they were safe.
    She told Dr. Oz “they were really shocked.”
    “The reason I didn’t tell them, of course, was because what I knew inside was how much it’s damaged me. I didn’t want them to grow up knowing that.”
    She said Piette “would tell them they’re animals. He would treat them like animals. That the only reason that they’re alive is because your mother’s here. Otherwise, if she wasn’t, that I’d kill all of you.”
    “He would hit them and then I would step in and it would just be horrible,” she added. “Any kind of abuse that you can think of, he did to me.”

    So go fuck yourself then blow your fucking retarded brains out.

  • Leviticus 18:11-17
    “Do not have sexual relations with your stepsister, the daughter of any of your father’s wives, for she is your sister. “Do not have sexual relations with your father’s sister, for she is your father’s close relative. “Do not have sexual relations with your mother’s sister, for she is your mother’s close relative. “Do not violate your uncle, your father’s brother, by having sexual relations with his wife, for she is your aunt. “Do not have sexual relations with your daughter-in-law; she is your son’s wife, so you must not have sexual relations with her. “Do not have sexual relations with your brother’s wife, for this would violate your brother. Do not have sexual relations with both a woman and her daughter. And do not take her granddaughter, whether her son’s daughter or her daughter’s daughter, and have sexual relations with her. They are close relatives, and this would be a wicked act.

  • Once again lady balls shut the fuck up. Your lame excuses don't work anymore you pathetic sick fuck.

  • Just read the post. Try not to get worked up other someone's fantasy.

  • I have never heard a quote from the bible described as a lame excuse.

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