Girlfriend Had Sex With Her Father

My girlfriend and I got together in 7th grade and have been together ever since.  Between our 8th grade and 9th grade years, she got drunk at her house and we were sending videos of each other just being kids.  At one point, she went to the upstairs in her house and her dad was passed out on the couch drunk.  He is a major alcoholic and all of his money goes towards alcohol.  But anyways, she sent me a video of her pulling down his pants.  Then, she sent me a video of her slowly jerking him off and then kissing his penis glans.  I remember then she didn't send a video for a few minutes.  After a few, she sent me a video of her just straight up deepthroating her dad's penis.  Soon after, she sent me a video of her, still, sucking her dad's penis, but then also him cumming in her mouth and him waking up and jumping out from the couch.  At this point in our relationship, we had already lost our virginities to each other, so we knew what sex was and how to do it.  About half an hour goes by and then she saids me a video of her dad penetrating her vagina with his penis and they are having very rough sex.  She was laying on her back and he was just pushing in.  A few minutes goes by and she sends me another video of her dad cumming inside of her vagina.  Later on, I also had sex with her mom right next to her dad and her having sex.  We did this multiple times.

1.1 years ago

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