I came in my ass

I had an operation a while back, to make my penis longer. The doctor cut the suspensory ligament at the top of the base of my penis, which is what holds it straight up when it's erect. It gives me another two inches of penis length, but my penis no longer stands up when erect, it hangs straight down.
It also allows me to bend my erect penis around so I can actually insert the tip of it into my ass hole. Now, I'm not gay or anything, but one night when my wife was away for a few days, I was really drunk and high on weed and had snorted a little meth and was feeling really freaky horny, and decided to see if I could actually fuck myself in the butt. I slapped some of the sex lube that my wife uses when she uses her big dildo and when I do her in the butt, on my cock. I stroked it till I was rock hard, then I bent it backwards until the head was up against my anus. I was able to get the tip inside of my butt, and it felt really weird and really awesome. I came almost instantly, and it felt totally fucked up shooting my load up my own ass. Not sure if I will tell my wife about it, but I am sure that I will do it again.

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  • Thats the worst fake story yet. LMAO.


  • Yeah, you do know that lady's don't have balls? Maybe you should ask your mommy to show you.

  • LMAO Google lady balls dumb fuck. You definitely have lady balls.

  • They go nicely with your micro dick

  • Yeah, you do know that lady's don't have balls? Maybe you should ask your mommy to show you

  • You should know, you've spent enough time sucking on them.

  • You know that nobody ever sucked on them lady balls.

  • Did you Google lady balls? Lady balls

  • Yeah I googled lady balls. It showed a pic of you sucking on my hairy man balls with a load of my kids dripping off your face.

  • Now because noone wants you to fuck them you can really just fuck yourself, clown

  • Sounds like you're jealous. Can't get your tiny penis into your own ass?


  • Why are you talking? Before your fake snip to make it longer, you where and still are hung like a stud field mouse.

  • I had a six inch cock before the procedure, it's now around eight inches. It's not huge, but it satisfies your mother, and according to your mom, it's way bigger than yours.

  • Wow Dumb fuck you been fucking my mothers ashes? Thats gross! So if you can take that tiny cock of your and shove up your ass.

  • Sorry man. Got you confused with your mother. It was your tight ass I was fucking.

  • What are you 16 or something like that? You come backs are from that age! Your momma, your ass! Dumb and juvenile Idiot!

    It's also true that men worried about their cock size are usually shy and wimpy! They tend to stay at home and write fake posts on the computer well into their 50's and remain virgins.
    But if you can stick your dick up your ass just keep fucking yourself.

    Sorry my ass is an exit only and has been known to emit noxious gas.

  • You're a noxious gas.

  • Maybe but I don't have a micro dick that needed an operation on it Dumb ASS.


  • !!!!!!

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now: https://ujeb.se/gprHh

  • Thats the worst fake story yet. LMAO

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