Public slut

I wanna be a cumdump. Not just any cumdump ! i wanna be a PUBLIC rape cumdump. i get horny at the thought of random men using me! It started after i turned 16 and now i can't stop thinking about it. When i go in public all i can think about is getting raped and used as a whore. i watch cumdump porn and public use porn. I can't get the thought of random men spanking, pissing, cumming, or even spitting on my body. whenever i go into a public gas station bathroom i hope there's a gloryhole and a pedo sticks his dick in it. i want to be a used slut so bad, unfortunately i'm only 16 but hopefully soon i'll be able to be a slut in the future!

9 months ago

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    • Me toooo

    • I fantasize about this too. I would love to be surrounded by a lot of men and have every one of them fuck me and come in me over and over. I want to be fucked so much I get sore and tired of being used.

    • When you are 18 let me know. I'll teach you.....area code 808

    • I wanna go to a gloryhole and have the guy piss in my mouth after I've sucked him off. Or have him pay me, it would be hot to feel like a whore.

    • Wish we could talk somewhere op also underage lol

    • And they say romance is dead!!!

    • You go girl. You should start now. Stay away from boys, they will not allow you the freedom to be the whore you want to be. Enjoy men and possibly women. they will teach you the art of making love and how to to become the slut cumdump you desire. Please take care of yourself, get on the pill and learn stay clean inside and out.

    • I went through a phase where I liked watching my wife be used. The first few times I just told her to flash her boobs at strangers or to wear revealing clothes and flirt with strangers. That turned into asking her to show her tits to my friends, then eventually telling her to blow friends then have sex with friends. I’d invite a friend over and we’d hang out, drink, then strip her down and share her. We ended up being invited to a swingers club, and that was a lot of fun. I was able to share her with strangers over and over again. One night as we walked in, she said out loud to the single guys in line, “all of you are getting laid tonight!” And she didn’t disappoint. She wanted everyone that night. The most trashy thing she did was to go into a men’s room with me at a club, have sex with me in the toilet, then come out with her boobs out and suck a bunch of guy’s until the club bouncers threw us out. Another was at the beach, she was flashing the beach bar band her vagina and boobs all night. During their break she went into their bus, I followed. She was quickly stripped naked and passed around. The band had to get back to the stage, the driver and the roadies stayed in the bus and did her. The band came back when their set was over and she blew them and had sex with most of them. She blew everyone that night but only about eight or nine had sex with her. They asked me if I cared and I said no, let’s all take turns on my wife. The lead singer did her in the butt.

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