Too horny for words

I am a man who is a senior citizen. I have always had a high sex drive. I remember as a little boy learning to masturbate in the bath tub. It was amazing to me to see my little penis grow that much wind get hard. I am married but she does not have much interest in having sex with me, so I masturbate to female masturbation porn. I love to watch women of all sizes and ages masturbating their beautiful pussies. I have learned a lot about how women go about masturbating. I especially love the pussies with large labia. They are all so different, but all of them are beautiful. I imagine wrapping my tongue around them, or wrapping them around my cock as I rub my head on her clit. I love to learn to slow myself down and learned how to make myself last longer and keep up with the women.

If I am horny, I do this three times per day. I have masturbated daily since childhood.

8 months ago

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