My friend's cum

I think it's the most awesome thing in the world to suck off my buddy and eat the cumshots right out of his cock! It turns him on too but he prefers to fuck me and blast hot loads up my ass. He likes knowing that his cum is inside me. I'd rather eat it out of his dick myself. It's just so nasty to swallow a load of sperm directly out of another guy's cock, suck it right out of his balls and drink it! I think for both of us it's more about the cum than the cock sucking and fucking me in the ass. It's just so exciting to know that I eat another guy's sperm! I could suck cock all day, and have!

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  • I'm openly bi, and live with my best friend who's straight. When we hang out it's almost always normal guy stuff: play video games, drink beer, watch shitty movies, and talk about girls we want to fuck.

    But every couple of months or so, if it's a Friday or Saturday night and neither of us has gotten lucky and he's really horny, he'll cast porn onto the TV. We both know what's up. We'll watch for a bit, then start stroking while watching, then eventually we'll start stroking each other. This is super hot to me and I always end up cumming first and shooting a huge load. After that I get to focus on his cock. I have to get a good sense of just how horny he is. Normally all he's comfortable with is having me stroke him off, which is fine. But when he's super horny he doesn't care that I'm a guy and so I'll drop to my knees and suck his impressive cock, always ending up with him having a nice loud orgasm and me having a nice big load in my mouth! I swallow his cum, he calls me a fag, we laugh, then get dressed and play video games.

    It's weird but it works. I don't think of him in a sexual way at all, but when he's hard his cock and balls are like a completely separate thing. It's absurd to even try to imagine him fucking me because there's zero chance of him ever going there, but I have to admit that if he wanted to I'd go for it without hesitation.

  • Wow i can't wait to swallow my first load. Bicurious. I can't think about anything else. But i am careful and particular.LOL

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Wanna get a 3way with you two and me?

  • Mmmmm i love sucking dick too its so good. I need a bf im realizing and need cock to get ass fucked iften. I just never tried gay love til like a year ago but its better than sex with a woman mmm i love grinding cocks together. I will be into hooking up if you wanna

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