I'm a closet sub beta faggot

I play semi alpha, virile man for the public to see. Love the company of women. But my sexual reality? I have a tiny, barely functioning penis. I have strong sub beta queer oral tendencies. I try to keep my cock sucking weakness hid away in the closet. But many of the alpha men I've orally serviced have captured the act on camera. So I always worry about those compromising pics being posted somewhere. I despise my desire to suck cocks and I don't find men attractive, but it's a constant humiliating craving. But strangely enough I also crave limited outing to women. A need I'd probably regret.


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  • Man why despise it? from taking out his cock and ball and fondling them until his cock starts to grow, then that delicious taste of his meaty fucker growing hard in Ur cock/cum hungry mouth and that 1st delicious taste of his pre-cum bursts from his piss slit all over Ur mouth and tongue!!! Lovingly mouth massaging up and down his hunk of hard man meat wanting that 1st delicious taste of his of cum bursting inside Ur cum hungry cock sucking mouth!!! tsgtdick#@yahoo.com

  • Man why despise anything so tasty and delicious as a buds hard meaty hunk of man meat and the delicious wads U love sucking out of that throbbing cock head????? tsgtdick@yahoo.com

  • I know how you feel. Sometimes i want pussy, but lately i want to be one. Be a sub in a relationship with a guy. I would love to suck a small one. i am tiny too.

  • I know exactly how you feel. I would love to suck a nice big cock while a woman secretly watches

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now: https://ujeb.se/gprHh

  • Well, it's a good skill to have in case you ever go to prison.

  • Man its always 90% of the guys I ask let me enjoy being o n my knees taking out and fondling their soft meaty fuckers as I suck them up deliciously tasty and hard oozing their tasty pre-cum and lovingly twitch that hard delicious meaty fucker as I mouth massage their very sensitive cock head in time with finger fucking their ass-holes as I cum sucking up every blasting wad their balls can feed me!!!!! tsgtick@yahoo.com

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