Loving cock

I have always cross dressed. My wife knows and we have fun when i do. But for the last 5 months i have been meeting a truck driver at a hotel. I dress as a woman and service his cock with my mouth and ass. I love it. he is so manly i just love how it feels when he is inside me. Nothing excites me like this.

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  • I'm 15 and have a truck driver who's my friend and I really like being with him when he is in town, usually two times a week. He thought that I was a cute curious 12 year old boy when he caught me checking out his dick in the the men's room. The next thing I knew I was in his truck in my underpants with my cutoffs all the way off sucking him. Right after he was yanking at my underpants so hard that they ripped and he pushed me onto my stomach and pushed himself into me and fucked me like what seemed forever. He gave me a whole lot of money and asked me to come back on Thursday if I liked it. I wasn't sure that I liked it but fifty dollars was more money than I ever had so I went back a lot more times. He thinks that I'm 12 going on 13 not 15 years old and that I was actually 14 when he first fucked me?
    He keeps saying that there's nothing better than my 12 year olds ass???

  • Filthy prick

  • I convinced my husband to cross dress for me years ago and when he does we have the best sex. We have also had a few threesomes with other women. He has seen me go down on another woman. How do I convince him to do these things with another man?

  • My wife and I are basically still newlyweds and she convinced me to play dress up and go out when we were still engaged. Now a couple of years later our couples night out are with a gay couple. She's got a thing for seeing me submitting to two gay men "because I'd fuck that hot boy's ass if I had a penis!" That what she says?

  • Well, you can either let me be that other man or let me be your husband. Simple.

  • Ask him,,, id do it in a heart beat

  • Have a mmf threesome and just let things progress naturally.

  • Believe me, I have suggested mmf plenty of times, but he's one of those "macho" guys that thinks threesomes should only have 1 guy max

  • Do true "macho" guys really cross dress?

  • Well he doesn't have to be macho around me all the time. And it was only panties and bras with the occasional stockings and garter. He's too macho to let another guy in on his secret

  • God yes i need you im wanting to be gay and get gay together and tey my gf son togethers hes young and its hot to get high and share him get sick watching him be touched and we can get perverted

  • God yes me too its amazing having gay sex! I want more myself i love having cock inside me and sucking cock is amazing. You down to hooking? Im down lets get texting or call and jerkoff together

  • What's up I'll send you my number you got a big dick let me know if you want my number send me a picture of it I'll suck it right now until you come all over me I'm good at sucking a big dick we do 69 you can suck my dick up and suck your dick

  • What's up ill suck that dick

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