First time

I'm looking for a cock/cocks to suck for the first time. Also want to be fucked. Would love to have the favors returned. No huge ones, please. In the Virginia area.

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  • Go to the Home Depot in Falls Church. Aisle 25, I’ll have jeans on and light blue jacket. Sandy blonde hair, tall and good shape. Tomorrow morning at 10 am.

  • I haven't yet sucked my first cock, but I am a senior man who has finally admitted that I am GAY, magnificently GAY, and looking for cock to suck! i am
    out of the cLoset QUEER as a tree full of chickadees! i fantasize about sucking cocks while doing 69 with another man watching gay porn movies while masturbating each otherI Can't wait to give my first blowjob!, and rimming an ass! While I am composing this dream, I am jerking off, eating my precum and looking for my first sex with a man. I would also like to have sex with a transgender and crossdressers.

  • You guys will have to tell us how it is

  • Ill be there, 5'10, 200, ill be wearing a ny jets green t shirt

  • I will be there too ready to kick the shit out of both of you poofter pricks

  • I met a guy once that tried that, a setup to beat me up....he tried but I laid his out cold with two punches...then I took his pants down, lubed up and pumped my load into him.... took pictures of it on his phone once I used his face to open it up... and sent the pics to his wife...then I changed the code on his phone. I also put the pics on his FB page.

  • Your response just proves you are a self loathing closet homosexual, hiding your shame and sexual frustration with aggression.

  • No get fucked you filthy cunt, your just a dirty prick

  • Okay sure thing. I'm in Frederick, Md and my cock is only 6.5 inches and average girth. Would love to suck and be fucked also. Manny D.

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • You are so fucking ugly that's why he doesn't want to fuck you . Go on a diet you fat cow.

  • This links to a VIRUS

  • Why chat? Are you a distance from Virginia?

  • Fuck off

  • Okay but I'd rather fuck on.

  • What the hell is wrong with you guys. This ain't a dating site! Go get Grinder app and pay a little money and get all the cock you wan't. Whats the matter don't want others like your wife's seeing it on you phones or emails?

  • Well, yeah!!

  • What part of virginia email me

  • Newport News. I am a male looking for a facefuck by man or several men.

  • I have a BBC waiting for you.

  • I'll suck your bbc if you like ? I love sucking off big cocks. Get a mouthful of yummy semen .

  • Where are you?

  • Up your asshole can you feel me ? I can feel you. 😂

  • Norfolk State, in the student housing. I play football and like to fuck white boy ass.

  • Me # too, I love fucking little white boys with my long thick dark dick. Love to be sucked off also.

  • Yes, those white preppy boys need black shafts in their rosy red ass. I fill them bitches up with cum, send them home with it leaking out their ass, all over the seats of their BMW.

  • Contact me

  • No fuck off you perv

  • Wish i could help you out. I'm in Tennessee

  • Hey I'm in Tennessee my name is Scotty K. Maybe you'd like to meet up. Just moved here from the Houston area. Let me know

  • Noone in Tennessee could help they are all queer pricks that only play with themselves

  • That sounds amazing good time. I'm queer also. Come play with deez nuts. 🤣😘🐿️

  • Don't know why you would say that. Ive hooked up with many guys here in Tennessee.

  • Yes me too. I love a good Tennessean. Had one last night now my throat is burning something terrible .

  • Tennessee is full of STDs

  • Why? Have you been spreading one around?

  • I’ll ask Mother if I can see you.
    Mike P.

  • Hey is this Mikey P who lived in PA ? How's it going I miss your ass slot. Let's get drunk and screw

  • I'd love to hookup, but I'm not in the right area(Maine).

  • Dude, there are cocksuckers everywhere.

  • Yeah, but Maine's gay scene isn't exactly San Francisco.

  • It's pretty fucking good . I'm a gay dr. I will gladly check your prostate for you and both my hands will be on your shoulders.

  • Kennebunkport has a big gay WASP scene. All of us rich guys get together at private clubs and have all kinds of sex. Wives and GFs think it’s a poker and cigar club.

  • Yes it sure does. I'm known as the Doc. Gay dr. who gives free prostate checks to all who wants one. Come join us here in the beautiful state of Maine. Lots of horny hunters also. And fisherman.

  • Hmm... Might be fun to get gangbanged by a bunch of rich dudes.

  • The important ones, you would know and recognize, wear masks most of the time. Its a real fuckfest and rookies must agree not to talk about any of it, and they must submit to all of the older guys desires. Once you are in, you get the best tables, business contacts, beautiful women or men, and access to top political people.

  • Totally true. I met and fucked Hunter Biden. He's a lousy fuck and has a small cock. From now on sticking to black men.

  • Sorry bro, only Republicans get in the club.

  • I’m in

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