Incest porn vs actual incest

I've always had a fetish for incest porn. Things like a 17 year old guy and his MILF step mom, or a sister surprising her brother with a blowjob, or vice versa. Yet, the idea of actually performing incest is absolutely repulsive to me.
I am not here to pass judgement one way or the other on those who do. Just explaining that its simply not my brand of liquor.
I just think it odd that I'm drawn to something in a fantasy scenario, that is something where to actually do it myself makes my stomach turn.
Oh well, just another eccentricity I guess



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  • Kind of strange. An admitted fetish for incest porn. yet the idea of you personally involved with a family member turns you off? I think you want some kind of affair with family. Its simply not available to you, which is OK. many family's are very straight,. In Large family's the opportunity is more available. Perhaps you need to get your fix another way... through a GF or BF.

  • Hey OP's a question for you. How do you like the replies below? They are nice and you can jerk off to all of them right? I hope you enjoy all the replies you have gotten. I will promise to reply more on new ones!! Enjoy them and have a nice day.

  • Deuteronomy 27:22
“‘Cursed be anyone who lies with his sister, whether the daughter of his father or the daughter of his mother.’ And all the people shall say, ‘Amen.’

  • Its only a fantasy we all have them it takes you away from real life enjoy it while it lasts, but incest happens i don't have a problem with consenting incest, i hade a relationship with my brothers it was great being used my two.


  • Im same and love watching girls being enjoyed. Its so beaand i am hard seeing girls in tight bikinis or panties omg yes. So hot. Ever wanna watch with me and talk about dtuff we get off too or I'd bring one my gfs to try together she is ok with it she 8s looking for a sitter for week if you wanna watch her ypud get privacy

  • I'm the same way as the OP and I thought I was the only one. I'm also have a fetish for incest porn but would never have incest with a relative, some are just to plain ugly. I don't know if I'd say "repulsive" for a couple of my good looking cousins, but I still wouldn't have sex with them.

  • In over 42% there is serious birth defects and you know that. I will save you the work of looking it up but if you think what I posted is fake then go to the website at the end of this post. Further more look where those facts came from and tell what that country has to do with incest.

  • It's not 42%. The only birth defect I have is a huge dick, although I have never complained about it.

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  • Lol. So you are born from incest?

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  • Are you wouldn't actually have sex with a relative?? But I understand what you are saying reality and real life can be very different.

  • Oh shut the fuck up Lady Balls you are stuck in fantasy land.

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  • I love incest, anyone had real experience like me?

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  • You are getting off on the taboo side by fantasying about it.
    But the anti-incest built in your brain makes you repulsed by the actual act of incest. That describes 99% of the incest lovers here. Although they will lie about that too.

  • You full of crap. Lol

  • Really lets see who is full of crap! NLOL.
    I know how to use the internet for research on anything. Heres how to look up incest. Dip Shit.
    Google the cost of incest and read the facts about incest. You will find the percentages of people against incest, the real cost of incest!
    Because unlike you and every other fake here! They asked! They held surveys and researched incest and got their results from real cases.

    Google brother and sister, mom and son and dad and daughter arrested for incest you will find several arrest stories. Thats all I do and they are there!
    A little copy and paste and now they are here. They are not fake. But you are, and too fake to do that because you know that you will find the same results as I did.

  • Percentage=BS

  • When it is from a medical journal or a psychological research done by doctors, it is true. Look up the following!

    That is one study that even researched incest in a country where it is legal.
    You know it's true so quit lying about that fact and post so facts that support incest.

  • I don't post facts, I post an opinion. You are clearly obsessed on incest and you have far too much spare time on your hands

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  • Yes I am calling you stupid because if you think i'm obsessed with incest you are dumber then a box of rocks. I'm sick and tired of these fake posts about incest and pedophilia. It's those two posts I can't stand. If your gonna post your side of incest I will post my side like it or not. I have same right as you do. So get used to it or stop posting this crap.

  • If you are so sick and tired of posts about incest then why are you responding to every incest post? I'm sorry but I think you enjoy them

  • Because they are here Dumb Fuck. Thats why you stupid fucking jack ass.

  • Google it dumb fuck. You do know how to google something right retard.

  • A man who admitted having sex with his underage half-sister was tearful in court as he was sent to jail.
    Truro Crown Court heard the pair have the same mother, who was often at home with her husband while they had sex in one of the bedrooms. The girl was aged under 16 at the time while the man was in his early 20s.
    He said the girl’s mother was pleased at first that her daughter was getting to know her half-brother, but remained completely unaware they had begun having sex.
    She only found out afterwards when safeguarding staff at a school contacted her to say her daughter had sent a text message to a friend talking about the relationship.
    Mr Lee said she said in the message: “Me and this guy have been getting intimate. He treats me like I mean everything to him and other times he calls me a slag. We’ve been doing it since September. I feel like such a slut.”
    He said the pair first had sex while they were watching a film in his bedroom. Mr Lee said: “She described she was scared and didn’t know how to react.”
    He said she cried afterwards but the pair continued to have sex at various times over the next months.

  • In a diary, he said the girl wrote afterwards: “I don’t understand how I keep going back. I just felt he was the only one there for me."
    Another time, she wrote: “There were so many times I went to my room and cried because I felt it was my fault. I felt suffocated and sad because it was breaking me.”
    He said the girl told police afterwards: “I think I realise it was really wrong and I was scared and didn’t know what to do so I told my friend and she helped and told the school.”
    Mr Lee said the man was arrested and made no comment, but later went back to police of his own accord and made partial admissions. He told the officers that the girl had initiated the sex and threatened to accuse him of rape if he stopped.
    However, Mr Lee said evidence showed the girl had suffered severe psychological and emotional trauma as a result of the abuse.
    The man was sentenced to two terms of 52 months in prison, with another 32 months and 21 months in prison for the other offences, to run concurrently. It means that he will serve a total of four and half years in jail. 
    The man will also remain on the Sex Offenders’ Register for life and was made the subject of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order, with restrictions including contact with anyone aged under 16.

    The real cost of Incest! Not your fake fantasy incest.

  • She was raped! Don't think that was consensual!

  • To the OP: Bravo! Everyone has their preference, and right to choose.

    The choice can be harder though if the relative is very attractive, not someone who's fat and ugly.

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  • You sick fucks spend hours {some days} writing fake stories and posting them. I just do some research and copy and post facts.
    True facts that all your lies and disbelief won't change. But I'm having fun replying to your fake stories, so write some more. And I will post my replies to them.
    Keep this in mind when you write a new post and spend hours writing it! I will wreck it in less then 5 minutes. I will do it faster because I will now do what you sick fucks do all the time! I will repost the same shit over and over again and again.
    If all you sick fucks don't want to see my posts then don't post new one's.
    Go somewhere else.
    We are sick and tired of incest and pedophilia posts! Yes thats right there is more people posting with me, But feel free to blame it all on me.

  • You are the typical sort of person that puts your whole life online to desperately seek approval from people. Oh look at me I'm on holiday, oh look at me with my friends, oh look at me eating but in reality you are as boring as fuck and you come on here to justify your life and feel like your life matters or you are some sort of hero. But in reality you just another CUNT.

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  • I'm not sick, i'm very well thank you

  • Mental illness often goes undiagnosed until caught in the act. Take your case for example. If your family saw what you write here they would take you right to the hospital.

  • You know nothing lol. 😂😂😂

  • You are a perfect example.

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  • A 48-YEAR-OLD man was arrested for allegedly sexually abusing his teenage stepdaughter since she was in fifth grade and taking explicit photos of her as she slept.
    Glen Edward Colon, 48, was arrested last week on charges of sexual battery of a minor and lewd and lascivious molestation of a minor, Local10 News reported.
    The eight-grader told detectives that her stepfather took sexually explicit photos of her while she was sleeping and in the shower, and also made inappropriate comments and showed her pornographic videos of minor girls.
    She also said that the assaults happened every weekend while she was in fifth-grade but “as she grew older the frequency lessened,” according to a police report.
    The victim said that her parents got divorced while she was in elementary school and shared custody – however, when she was in middle school her father had custody and she visited her mother on weekends. She said this is when the abuse started.
    The report said that the girl spoke to her stepfather on the phone while detectives listened, and said that she confronted him to which he insisted that she came to his house that night.
    She also questioned him about a recent time that he "startled her" when he came into her room unannounced, to which he replied that next time he would "tie her up," according to the report.
    The report added that Colon denied the allegations and said that he had a "connection" with her and that they often spoke about "sex and boys."
    He said that he watched pornography but had never shown any to the young girl and that he built furniture to be used in bondage-type sexual activity, according to cops.

  • In over 42 precent of the time it is.
    Source: A study of Czechoslovakian children whose fathers were first-degree relatives. Fewer than half of the children who were the product of incestuous unions were completely healthy. Forty-two percent of them were born with severe birth defects or suffered early death and another 11 percent mildly impaired mentally. This study is particularly instructive as it included a unique control group—the offspring of the same mothers but whose fathers were not the mothers’ relatives. When the same women were impregnated by a non-relative, only 7 percent of their children were born with a birth defect See next post.
    A group of genetic counselors reviewed the research on the biological consequences of sex between relatives (consanguineous relationships) (here). They found a surprisingly small increase (about 4 percent) in birth defects among the children of married cousins. Incest between first-degree relatives, however, was a different story. The researchers examined four studies (including the Czech research) on the effects of first-degree incest on the health of the offspring. Forty percent of the children were born with either autosomal recessive disorders, congenital physical malformations, or severe intellectual deficits. And another 14 percent of them had mild mental disabilities. In short, the odds that a newborn child who is the product of brother-sister or father-daughter incest will suffer an early death, a severe birth defect or some mental deficiently approaches 50 percent. You only post defect rate for cousins incest pregnancy's not First degree incest.
source Look it up it is real.

  • Fantasy and reality a two different things in any scenario. Incest is generally actors and lacks the true intensity of real incest. Having sex with a relative is very passionate and is not something that porn videos manages to show.

  • * incest porn is generally actors and lacks the true intensity of real incest.

  • I assume by "intensity" you mean the psychological damage.

  • You will never because you refuse to open your mind to the possibility of incest being fantastic

  • Neither does 98% of the worlds population Idiot. It's just illegal sex stupid. You can enjoy the same sex in a legal way sick fuck.

  • Know the true percentage of anything unless you ask every single person in the world! The figures are very misleading and you should be a politician

  • *know

  • Shut the fuck up incest lover.

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