Blowjob thoughts and fantasies

For as long as I can remember, it's always been a fantasy of mine to receive a blowjob in a movie theater. Yet, as we know, covid has forever ruined the possibility of that, but anyway
The idea of having it be a casual encounter is even more exhilarating. They suck me off during the film, then we go our separate ways. What's interesting is one time I actually posted a craigslist add on this. My only response was from guys.
Nothing against that. When I was younger, I actually experimented with that, and it really wasn't my thing. I realized what drew me to it was that males, quite frankly, are much better at sucking you off than most women. Maybe it's because we know and understand the equipment better. What drew me to it was that some guys were willing and able, and it felt absolutely amazing! Whereas with most women who have gone down on me seem to be doing it as part of the job.
As I mentioned, when looking at it, I really wasn't into guys, but that they gave better blowjobs is what had me going back. Does that make me bi, or bi curious since I like the physical side of that interaction, but nothing more?

9 months ago

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    • I will never forget giving my first blowjob

    • I think it just means you are horny.

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