Anal sex

I’m a male and love to have anal sex with my girlfriend. She said she never had anal sex before but now she loves it. Any other women reading this love anal sex?

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  • My old girlfriend loved it, why I broke up with her is still a mystery, after anal, she’d get up in the morning laughing, I just shit a load of your cum,,, God she was fun, I’m an asshole

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • I was inquisitive about anal soon after my marriage. So I shared the idea with my young hubby while he was dildo fucking me with a vib. He asked me whether I was serious!And one night after our relaxed fuck, he asked me to take a dogie position, lubed my anus well and pushed in the tip of the dildo. It went in for an inch with some pain or so, he asked me to relax, I did and the pain gone. Next day he repeated it, It was an easy glide of the dildo into my asshole, no pain at all, I took almost all of its 7"... he took it out. He lubed his cock and pushed it into me --- I could feel it great - meaty and warm. With slow but deep strokes for about 5 mintes he came unloading his warm cum. Loved it!!

  • I’m in my 60’s married, etc and in my 20’s me and abuddy sucks and fucked eachother a lot, I loved the feel of his throbbing dick as he blew a big load in my ass. We did a lot of ass to mouth too,, good stuff,,

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