Fucking Stepsister

So my parents Got divorced when i was little and i lived with my mom Beacuse my dad left. My mom has Been trying to find love ever since and finally she found a guy. I dont like him But Good damn his daughter his hot. And i meen, sexy, good looking, Perfect Body and Nice to me. She goes to my School But we dont talk There. When she is home she always has a boy over, and guess what. Its the Boys from School. Its always Nice to hear when walking Down the hall and hearing from Boys: Damn she gave me the best blowjob ever, or, I Cummed so much in here mouth. One Day i diceded to talk to her about it. I went in her Room, and said. Could you stop Taking all the Guys from my School home and Sucking Them off. She just staired at me and after a While she said. Why, i like Being a little slut. It makes me feel good Sucking Dick and Taking Big plads of Cum Down my Throat. I coudnt find anything to say. I just stood there and Staired. Then she said something that Changed my life. Take off your pants. WHAT!! I said. You know I’m your Stepbrother, right ? Idc she said. if you dont want me to take the Boys from you School home I’m gonna take you. She Then Took of her Shirt and She had the most Amazing tits i had ever seen. Mainly Beacuse i Havent seen any other tits But still. I was rock Hard and she could see that, so she Walker over to me, Pushed me Down on the bed and took of by pants and boxers. Then she Blowed me, and it was Amazing. She knew so Many techniacs and Was very good. She even knew How to Deepthroat. I Cummed in her mouth 2 times and she swallowed Every time. I knew it was wrong Getting a Blowjob By my Stepsister But i wanted more. One Day my Folkes Were out of town and i Was just walking around At home naked(thats i Thing i like to do when I’m home Alone. You just feel so free) Anyways, I’m in the livingroom Walking around, Watching Tv and suddenly hear the door Open. OHH FUCK, i forgot my what time my sister got home. There i was, standing Completely Naked in the Livingroom Whil my sister was walking in. She Saw me and I Saw her. It was very Akward, Untill she Began to take off her clothes Too. I didnt understand, But i didnt care. Me and my sister was Standing Naked infront of eatchother, and i Got the Biggest Boner of All time. She went over to me and Went Down on her knees. She Then Sucked me off agian. But this time i wanted more. A blowjob wasnt enough. I Asked her to stand up. Then i turned her around and Pushed her forward. She went Down Hands on the Ground and Ass in the Air And i Went for it. I Put my Dick in her Pussy and its So tight, even after all the Dick she already Got. I pounded Her so Hard and was amazed that she just took it. I was Getting close to Cum so i Turned her back around and Put her on her knees. I Then Shot a Huge load all over her Face, Tits and In her mouth.
Every time my parents go out for more than 1 Night we Dont make plans. We just walk around Naked at home, Fucking, Blowing, licking and Touching Eatchother when we want. Its the best and i cant wait till next time my parents leave.

9 months ago

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