Confession - boobs man

My confession:
1. I am a boob man. Like the way they move, and how different they are from woman to woman.
2. I look at boobs and always wonder what each pair looks like, what they feel like, how they make the owner feel. I know some women like their boobs touched softly, some aggressive, and some don't like it at all. For some, they are just ornaments, some love them. For some, depending on how their nipples are touched, could even orgasm; for others, it tickles. But all I want is to see each pair of boobs walking past me, and if they look good, even touch them. Nothing else.
I know this is not an acceptable in our society, but one can wish.
Note that this 'want' does not change how I see women, nor how I treat women. Every person should be treated with respect.

1.1 years ago

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    • I absolutely worship boobs. Nothing quiets my racing mind like some nice boobs being displayed in a low cut dress or a titty top. I always treat women with the utmost respect but if they're showing then I'm admiring them. My wife had a breast augmentation in January and we're both enjoying her showing them off. We're going to Vegas in July and she has some outfits especially for showing off.

    • I am here for you dear with my DD cups - 33 yo still firm with little sag!!

    • Hey hun. If you wanna share >

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