Nice nipples

To the lady wearing no bra at Sainsbury’s today, I was only being polite so I could view your amazing nipples.

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • I'm in my early 40s with a pair of ample boobs. I have been wearing nip rings for quite sometime so that they get enlarged. Now they are an inch long when erect and the rings get snugly fitted at the base. I love to roam around in the mall or parks without bra raveling my nips poking through my shirt and juggling boobs. Love it!!!!

  • My wife does this, she knows I get mad when she does it. She’ll come home from shopping not wearing a bra, nipples poking through and juggling boobs. She says no one notices or cares, hell I notice!

  • The supermarket is a great pick up place , she's hungry for pleasure , l think you should compliment her tits when she's being naughty and tell her she makes your cock hot when she does that and you want her pussy , or someone else may offer , nyc

  • My wife is a all American slut that is why I married her. Any hole at anytime she never utters the word no. Needless to say when she want strange dick she goes out looking for it. One of her favorite spots is the frozen food section of the super market. Those braless nipples of hers get a lot of attention. She likes fucking married men and the super market is a great place to pick them up.

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