Like a sniffer dog

I got a text from my mate sister asking if she can use my flat for a couple of hours, I said if you think I’m gonna let you in my flat having sex with a boyfriend you can go do one.
She said it wasn’t a boyfriend, what do you need it for then, she said my girlfriend.
Oh I said, didn’t realise, she asked if I wouldn’t say anything to anyone.
After a few more texts I agreed and said don’t be asking again.
The day she wanted my flat I hide the key and went to work, forgot all about it until she texted saying thank you.
When I got home I had a look round and everything seemed ok, just an empty bottle of wine on the side.
The second I got in bed I could smell it, I could smell sex / pussy it was an amazing smell, I was sniffing my bed sheets like a sniffer dog!

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  • I think it is the most erotic scent there is

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Cos your ugly as y

  • There is nothing like that smell it is hypnotic !

  • Your very nice tell her she can use your flat anytime, she sounds like a great girl

  • Let there be a next time and ask them if you can watch and jerk off while they play , from nyc

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