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After 20 years of marriage things are definatly boring.. so i started having extra marriage affair it started innocently but in less then a week i couldn't get enough .. i've hardly performed orally on my husband every so often ( maybe once a month) i would let him fuck me and that's as far as it went.. until i met Jack a young co-worker that i couldn't get enough off... i swallowed more cum from Jack then i did in 20 years from my husband i felt guilty about it so i finally decided to do something different ......i researched anal sex i rented movies looked at porn on the internet and red some articles ..i found out that a women do not achieve any pleasure from it but do it for their partners enjoyment that's why most gay men never have erections when they're getting ass fucked they stroke their cocks to get off and women rub their clits to get off some women use large objects not for enjoyment but to show off or get money while they stretch themselves out... but i decided to have my husband have a go with me .... let me tell you it's not pleasant it hurts like a s.o.b. but i was able after about 20 minutes to get his cock deep up my ass he shot his load inside me giving me the runs for a cpl of hours the next morning i clogged the toilet scarring me on the size that came out of me... but my husband was was proud of me and happy so he became addicted on fucking my ass it took a cpl of weeks before he had enough of it and went back to his usual self in the mean time i was getting enough protein from jack at the office so i decided to show off and while he was fucking me in the stock room i pulled his cock out and placed it in my ass sliding down on him ....good grief talking about being spilt open i though my ass would adjust to his size just like my pussy did ...but i was wrong it hurt bad but it was to late he grabbed my hips and plowed his cock balls deep in my ass i gringed in pain as i felt like i was being ripped apart.. he pulled me by the hair straightening me out and buried his cock making my body shake with his powerfull thrusts i rubbed my clit trying to get off but he pulled out and came on the floor as i continued to rub my clit and getting off i watched his huge glob of cum on the floor ,,i grabbed my butt cheeks and squezed them together i thought i felt a draft inside my ass .. when i got home and cooked supper my husband walked behind me bent me over the table and without any effort he slid his cock in my ass and fucked me balls deep i didnt have any issues i kind of enjoyed being taken at a moments notice my husband has fucked my ass more then my pussy ,, i just can't bring myself to sucking dick after i comes out of my ass ,,, i still fuck Jack he's been in every hole i have to offer .. it's fun getting fucked several times a day after all what 's a pussy for? and if you have the ass use it...


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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Yeah, l can't handle ass to mouth, either.

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