Interracial sex

I love seeing it and doing it. I've watched several women take black dick the bigger the better there more the merrier. Especially when the woman has never tried it before and I get to see her face on first sight first entry and best of all the first time she isn't expecting one to cum inside her without warning.

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    • I think interracial sex is awesome. I only experienced it once. But i defiantly have it again. Back in summer this year a week after my 25th birthday. My sister introduced me to one of her co workers who was a 37 year old black man who is here from kenya africa when i went to visit her one day and we all hung out all night and played drinking games. We had a blast. It was 1230am I offered to give her co worker a ride home to save her the trip since she drank alot. When we got out to my car i asked him if he wanted to go back to my place and share some drinks. So we went back to my place had several shots of vodka. Eventually we started making out, he was a really good kisser. I backed him up against the wall as we continue to kiss. I had butterflies in my stomach but i was so ready to try my 1st black dick. I quickly dropped to my knees and rushed to unzip his pants and out flew a nicely vained curvy thick big black dick. I started sucking his dick. He was really enjoying it. We moved to the bed room. Where we had crazy passionate mind blowing sex. I orgasmed so many times. He filled my pussy 3 times with his load. We had sex till 5am. He left soon after sex. It was amazing. Never told my sister i had sex with her co worker. I even skipped my morning after pills in hopes i would got pregnant with his baby but sadly i didnt get pregnant. But it was a great night.

    • Ive watched my wife take many black dicks over the years

    • If any man want to share his wife's/gf's pix or video's etc so feel free to send me at my email & also if any lady want to contact me or want to be my friend or even just want to share pix & video's of her etc so just msg me at my email . i m a 36 years old man & i like old ladies also i like fat ladies so if any of old or fat lady want to b my friend fell free & just contact me any time most welcome 😊

    • Speak to me about this

    • I always wanted to have sex with my uncle l would get horny when I’ll see him and I would touch myself every night thinking about him. I went to his house by myself and I told myself this was the night. So he greeted me like usual and I sat with him at the couch and we talked. He kept looking at my boobs I didn’t say anything I just looked at him smiling and he kept touching them and I grabbed his cock and started rubbing it he got so hard so I got on my knees and sucked him off. It was so good and his cock was so long. We ended having sex and it was amazing.

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